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Upcoming Meizu M5 Spotted In Real Images, Listed On Geekbench as well

by Joe 16

Meizu M5 is reportedly releasing on October 31 when the company has a big promo event scheduled. Li Nan already confirmed the launch of the device a few hours back and now, new images of the M5 have cropped up online, along with a possible Geekbench listing. This means we have a lot more information about the upcoming device, including its new polycarbonate design and specifications.


The Meizu M5 seems to feature a very similar design as the M3S model which was announced in June, however, the phone could come with a polycarbonate body instead of a metal one. Further, along with a black colored model, we have also spotted a green colored one. Given that Meizu’s Blue Charm series have always been a colorful lineup, it’s possible that the company launches a green color option for the device.


More pictures are given below.

As for the specs, a recent Geekbench listing of the device revealed that the Meizu M5 will come with the MT6750 octa-core processor with 2GB RAM and Android 6.0 on board. The above pictures further reveal that the phone was running on YunOS platform and featured a 5-inch 720p display, 13MP rear camera, 2GB RAM and 16GB of internal storage. It is said that there could be a 3GB RAM version of the device as well.

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As for the pricing of the Meizu M5, given the specs, expect it to be super cheap. Also, considering that Meizu is releasing this device in anticipation of its 11/11 sales, the company should price it aggressively. The M3S was announced for just $106, so the upcoming M5 model should also be priced around the same figure.

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  • I just don`t get it. Why skip M4 and use the same SoC as in M3s?
    Meizu really need to get their stuff in order.

    • Rob

      Stop trying to rationalize anything that Meizu do as it will drive you crazy! It’s very simple, they saw how many similar devices Elephone were announcing/releasing and thought they could do better, and they have!

      • Assefa Hanson

        rob you think the qiku q terra for 199 is a good buy?

        • Muhammad Yasir


          • Assefa Hanson

            im going to give it a shot and i can actually afford it XD this will be my first liaow purchase wish me luck XD btw muhammad have you been watchting the notebook italia videos bunch of coverage of the global exhibition event looks like my standards/ expectations are too high for sites like these i was expecting some articles but nothing..

          • Muhammad Yasir

            best of luck bro ! … i hope that dual cam on QTerra has the ladies swarming you for taking DSLR pics of them :p

            notebook italia… first time i have heard that name. i just stick to the to ‘Giz’ sites for my dose of chinese stuff !

            the global exhibition … has some good phones in the offing but i guess we should wait until the END of event to fully uncover its findings.

          • Assefa Hanson

            i dunno man sometimes i just cant wait so i just go to youtube its nicer sometimes to see live video of the phones im not a elephone fan but the s7 looks stuning design wise they did a good job

          • Muhammad Yasir

            look man , its possible that Elephone have some good designers on board and they excelled in overall aesthetic and physical body design.

            but the internals are more important. unless the get their hardware implementations right and sync those CORRECTLY with whatever OS they use , they’ll ALWAYS be a third class brand.

            they NEED to get the basics right first. even if they specialize in making some good looking phones

          • Assefa Hanson

            true man but what amazes me is their marketing skills, of all the notebook italia videos ulefone’s x20 dual camera device their ulefone power 2(seeing how the first power was so popular) youd think it has the most views but nope the elephone s7 s7mini even their p25 video got most of the views how?? does elephone stalk the entire internet then link videos to their prospective viewers and afterr all the horror stories they still are relatively popular and im scratching my head about it

        • Rob

          I so wanted the ‘ultimate’ version of that when it was released but it was astronomically expensive. It’s a good phone for 199 but even better on ali at the moment at 169! Very tempted myself at that price….

          • Assefa Hanson

            wth where are you finding these prices i searched ali recently and i found nothing im going to try and type in 360 then maybe i use the wrong keywords

          • Rob

            It’s actually quite hard to find on Ali as their search engine is really strange. If I use the PC nothing comes up but on my phone there are 4 sellers! Just type qiku otherwise nothing will come up!

      • Muhammad Yasir


      • It`s a shame, remember when there was only the MX and the Pro and Meizu was great, but now Xiaomi has done the same and they started churning out one device after the other.
        OP seem to be the only company that’s not doing that and Oppo.

    • Muhammad Yasir

      i don’t get it either …

  • Muhammad Yasir

    WTF ?! where the hell is M4 !?!

    how does M5 come in all fo a sudden !

    they should learn from Samsung … who skipped note 6 for note 7 and the critters started exploding like nukes !