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Official Photos Of Xiaomi Redmi 4

by Habeeb Onawole 21

The Xiaomi Redmi 4 launched yesterday with features found in mid-range phones but with a price associated with low-range phones.

The Redmi 4 is available in two versions: a 3GB RAM+32GB variant dubbed the Redmi 4 Pro, and a 2GB +16GB variant which you can call the standard variant. Both variants of the Redmi 4 have 5-inch displays with 2.5D curved glass on top.


They however differ with respect to processors and display resolution: There is a FHD screen and 2.0GHz Snapdragon 625 chip in the Pro, and a HD screen and 1.4GHz Snapdragon 430 (same as the Redmi 3s)  in the standard variant. Cameras are the same: 13MP on the rear and 5MP up front; and battery capacities are no different: 4100mAh on both variants.

Redmi 4 Display

The Redmi 4 has dual 4G SIM slots but you’ll have to give up one if you want to use a micro SD card to expand storage. It also runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow with a MIUI 8 overlay.

Redmi 4 Pro Processor Redmi 4 Battery

Xiaomi has redesigned the Redmi 4 completely like they did with the Redmi Note 4. There is the 2.5D curve on the display we mentioned above, then the antenna lines are a lot different and appear more refined. The speakers are also no longer on the back but are now at the bottom, flanking the charging port. The camera and LED flash have also changed position. The sensor now sits above the fingerprint scanner and is flanked on the left by the LED flash in the Pro but on the right in the standard variant.

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The Redmi 4 starts at ¥699 ($105) for the standard variant and ¥899 ($133) for the Pro variant and it is available in the same gold, grey, and silver colour options as its predecessors.

Redmi 4 Redmi 4 Redmi 4redmi-4-official redmi-4-official-2redmi-4-official-3Redmi 4

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  • Luciano

    OMG what a pure beauty!!!! I am right now hesitating between the Redmi 4 and the Nubia Z11 Mini S. Redmi Note 3 Pro Special Edition is still tempting but I guess that with Redmi 4 and its SD625 SOC coupled with a 4100mah battery I will have a monster for the battery life.

    Hope the Redmi 4 will be on sale pretty soon, I am curious about its price after resellers.

    • Saku

      For sure there’s an added 25% of its retailed price.

      • It’s already made it’s way on AliExpress.
        Selling for $178, which is a little over 33% .

        • Aaaaaaaaaaaand the grey variant is already out of stock!

        • Assefa Hanson

          Can you tell me what you search for in Ali to find it, apparently my keywords aren’t good enough to find it I’ve always had this problem when looking for phones on there

          • Jh1

            Up for pre order on geekbuying. $169 with coupon code “kimovil”

          • I wrote Redmi 4 on the app and sorted it by the newest product added. It will work for sure. They’re throwing in a 64GB card for just $14 extra, and that’s the only choice available right now.

    • Jh1

      Right there with you. I prefer a 5.5inch screen, but this looks very, very nice. If reseller mark up isn’t too bad, camera performance is adequate, and the gray color with black front is accessible, I may have to get one of these.

      • Luciano

        Hehe 😀 well I do prefer 5.2inch screen but yeah this Redmi 4 Prime offers a lot for the price asked. It will be of course sold at a cheaper price compared to the Nubia Z11 Mini S. However the grey model with black front will be sold with a higher margin. Frankly, I don’t know which phone I will get, I believe that the camera experience will be a lot better on the Z11 Mini S. Moreover, Z11 Mini S base model comes with 4GB RAM and 64GB storage. The only downside of the Z11 Mini S is its 3000mah battery but I am not worried about that because 5.5inch phone like the Moto Z Play with Amoled screen, SD625 SOC and 3500mah has an amazing battery life.

        • Assefa Hanson

          The mini s is twice the price though it will have slightly above average battery performance, Id go for the qiku n4s 64 gb version that has 625 and 5000mah battery and that’s for the same price as the mini s although I would speculate that the mini s will have a better cam performance

          • Luciano

            I agree with everything you wrote above, the Qiku N4S seems to be a great phone but I prefer to invest my money for devices made by well known manufacturers. I am not a geek so I prefer a well made software, a great community to resolve issues. Regarding the Z11 Mini S, I believe that the battery life will be way above the average. It will be excellent in my opinion if Nubia/ZTE managed to fix issues with their software. SD625 is very power efficient so I guess that with moderate usage I will be able to use the phone during 2 complete days without charging.

      • Assefa Hanson

        Why not go for the qiku n4s 64 gb version it’s not this cheap though unfortunately but it is 5.5 inches the only other 5.5 inch phone with a similar large battery is the upcoming Lenovo p2 or the more. Expensive zenfone 3

        • Jh1

          I like the n4s, especially with the SD 625, but it’s difficult to find for a good price. Nice phone though.

          • Luciano

            Hi, the Redmi 4 Prime is already listed at $215 on Ibuygou website. It is crazy they added a margin of $82 to the retail price in China which is $133. I hate those resellers, they like money so much that they don’t care about people.

          • Jh1

            Geekbuying has it for pre order for $169 using “kimovil” coupon code. Banggood has it for $200. The $169 seems like an acceptable market this soon after release, but more than that is just greed. Oh well, I don’t want to purchase until seeing a few reviews anyway. That should give some time for the price to drop. All of the new xiaomi releases seem to get a huge reseller mark up initially, but then drop off fairly quickly.

          • Luciano

            Thank you for your message, I know about Kimovil website which is pretty good to find the best prices on the web. I have seen a chinese review of the Z11 Mini S on you-tube and I am not really convinced by the camera. Hope a european will do a review soon but I think I am going to buy the Redmi 4 if the phone with black front will be on sale in coming days.

          • Jh1

            I tried posting a link earlier, but my post won’t go through. The aliexpress seller that is listed on kimovil for $159 looks like they will be selling it at a discount for 11.11. I’m going to keep an eye on it… Might pick one up even before seeing reviews. That’s disappointing to hear the z11 mini s cam doesn’t look that great the z11 min cam had good reviews, so I was expecting more.

          • Jh1

            Geekbuying has the redmi 4 pro gray with black front for $149 today.


      yeah..the 720p will perform even better with same 4100 mAH..but my eyes on 625 version for sure!…worth the money even with 100 yuan extra…hope camera is improved

  • Vuong

    best ever smartphone for this price range.

  • lstar4real

    I need advise…I don’t know which one to buy between Redmi 4 and RN4 …am considering Redmi note 4 because of the 64G ROM compare To Redmi 4 32g & SD 625…. have used many MTK phones but wish to use snapdragon on the other hnd… but RN4 eyeing me bcuz of d 64gig ROM …any advise here? pls