New Curved Display Xiaomi Smartphone Leaked, Looks Different

by Joel 2

There is no denying that curved screen smartphones are the new trend in the market, and several known Chinese makers including Xiaomi have already released a curved screen flagship in the market. But Xiaomi isn’t a company that’s usually happy with just one flagship. So, could it be possible that Xiaomi has another curved screen smartphone in the works? At least that’s what a newly leaked image indicates.


Weibo is the hub of leaks, and the latest leak is said to reveal an unannounced curved Xiaomi smartphone. Now, the company already has two flagships with amazing displays — the Xiaomi Mi Mix and the Xiaomi Mi Note 2. But this one’s a bit different. We just get a glimpse of the alleged phone, but that’s enough to reveal a different style of curved display used on the device.

curved like the LG G Flex


The image shows that the phone is running MIUI and comes with a curve near the center, much like the LG G Flex. Now, if you remember, the Mi Note 2’s curved display is supplied by LG, so having a phone with a similar display as LG’s old G Flex isn’t entirely out of the picture. But given that the design didn’t really work out well for LG, it remains to be seen whether Xiaomi will experiment with the same design again.

Of course, before you get too excited, I would like to add that there is no conclusive evidence to say this is indeed a new smartphone from Xiaomi. So, we better wait for more details.