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Uhans A101S Review – A $70 Phone

by Linus 18

The market of cheap smartphones is crowded and it may not be easy to choose one. I just came across the Uhans A101S smartphone that costs just $70. Find out if this phone is any good in the full review.

Uhans A101S Official Product Page

Uhans A101S Review: VIDEO REVIEW

Uhans A101S Review: UNBOXING

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The phone ships with all the usual stuff and some extras include a screen protector and a soft TPU case.

Uhans A101S Review: DESIGN and DISPLAY


When it comes to the design, this cheap phone draws quite a bit of attention since my review unit comes in pink colour. You can also choose from other flashy colors.


The phone does not sport any premium materials in the construction but it does not feel cheap either.


The buttons are nice and tactile, the backplate is made of rubberized plastic material and the phone sits nicely in the hand.


We have a 5” display, which has only 720p resolution but it is plenty sharp for everyday use.


Also, there is a 5MP camera above the display but we don’t have neither LED notification light nor backlit capacitive keys.


On the back, we have an 8MP Sony camera with a single LED flash.

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You can remove the backplate to access the microSD card slot, two SIM card slots and a removable 2450mAh battery.


The loudspeaker quality is like on most of the cheap phones. The sound is kind of flat.



The Uhans A101S is not going to be your next flagship device but it still rocks solid specs for the price. The phone ships with the quad-core MTK6580 chip, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of expandable storage.

The 3D gaming performance is pretty good. Asphalt 8 on medium graphics runs absolutely fine without any stutter.

Uhans A101S Review: BENCHMARKS

Uhans A101S Review: USER INTERFACE

When it comes to the user interface, Uhans A101S is all about the features and customization.

The Android 6.0-based UI offers you the ability to customize the phone using themes, wallpapers, various plugins and so on. You can also use some baked-in gesture and motion controls that work pretty well.

Last but not least, the phone is pretty fast on the daily basis and I believe this is the most important aspect on a cheap phone.

Uhans A101S Review: IMAGE QUALITY

You should not expect any stellar results from these cheap phones but the Uhans A101S can take some nice pictures that are usable for social media. Obviously, the color reproduction is off, there could be more detail but in general, the camera does a decent job for a $70 phone.

The video quality is kind of poor like on most of the cheap phones.

The selfie pictures will definitely do the trick for social media.

Download full resolution camera samples

Uhans A101S Review: CONNECTIVITY


I didn’t have any major connectivity issues. The GPS works okay but it could be slightly more accurate.

Uhans A101S Review: BATTERY LIFE


The removable 2450mAh battery allows you to use the phone for quite a bit of time. I was able to get over 4.5h of screen-on time on a mixed usage of the phone, which is a pretty good result.

Uhans A101S Review: CONCLUSIONS


The Uhans A101S is a pretty nice $70 that I kind of enjoyed using for more than a week.


Sure, it comes with some flaws that most of the cheap phones have and it lacks some basic stuff like backlit capacitive keys or LED notification light but in general, it gets all the basics right.


Also, it has kind of flashy design, good UI and gaming performance, a decent camera and good battery life.

Finally, the Uhans A101S is a decent offering for the price, despite a few shortcomings.


Uhans A101S is a decent offering for the price, despite a few shortcomings.

Design and Build
User Interface
Battery Life
3D Gaming Performance
Value for Money
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  • Charles Basil

    Uhans A101s 2GB RAM 16GB ROM 8MP rear Camera Sony IMX219 sensor (interpolated to 13 Mp, 2450mAH removable battery, nice design get even more color choices. great

    • Josi Roshen

      Smartphone Uhans A101s has a very powerful stuffing, broad functionality and nice interface. And the price is just $70. Commissioned as a gift to his wife for the new year. Will be very pleased!

    • Ruslan Janov

      For a budget smartphone, these are very good characteristics. The finished material on the camera is of high quality.

  • Addison Aiken

    Budget smartphone with powerful features. nice smartphone

    • Len Filre

      He clearly does not have enough support for 4G networks. And in general, I agree with you, for its price a very good smartphone.

      • Denis Korinov

        On the Internet there was information that UHANS A6 will soon be available instead of UHANS A101S. Also inexpensive, functional, with a larger display and support for 4G. It is very powerful and elegant. It will embody the best qualities of UHANS A101 and UHANS A101S.

        • Egor Kovalkov

          Budget smartphone UHANS A101S for a long time will be in demand among buyers. It has a very good reputation and users will not refuse from it soon.

  • Ahtisham Ali

    Uhans A101s wow great body design and great look . great features with amazing price.

    • Selacom

      Guys, to all other, excellent picking.Having Uhans A101, it was pleasant to receive in addition silicone cover, protective glass and the reserve accumulator in a set. You will usually purchase the European smartphone and searches of protective glass and cover begin… Cool picking in Uhans. it allowed to save money and time.

  • Arsalan Khan

    i liked the pre-installed with Freeme OS. quality and look amazing as well.

  • Adam Chad

    looking nice and working very smooth and fast. fabulous smartphone for the price.

    • Czarl Ke

      Looks UHANS A101s very successfully. The price is quite acceptable, the specification is up-to-date. In a word, I like it.

  • UhansSux

    This phone doesn’t look bad for the price. But they should have used the MT6737 with 4G.

    P.S. Ignore all the fake comments and self-likes below… Probably are the same people and they get paid by Uhans, to make spam comments…

  • Czarl Ke

    Uhans A101s distinguishes the good brightness and contrast levels, the presence of oleofobnogo coatings, as well as a lack of serious distortion of color when the slopes of the gadget

  • Den List

    Many put a big negative for UHANS A101s lack of support for 4G. Is this function relevant to all users?

    • Agnes Stewart

      The lack of support for 4G for UHANS A101s, I believe that this is not too much loss. How many more places are there that do not fall into the coverage area.

  • Agnes Stewart

    The smartphone UHANS A101s is no worse than its predecessor, except for one – it does
    not have the ability to work in 4G networks, and the processor is not
    the most modern. For its price segment, it is quite decent.

  • Sausage People

    I got mine a few days before. But my battery just has 2200 mAh!
    For its price a perfect phone, really.