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Xiaomi Mi 6 Reportedly Enters Mass Production, Price Details of Two Versions Leak

by Jed John 10

That Xiaomi‘s up coming Mi 6 flagship would pack a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset onboard seems to no longer be in doubt. The device would likely be Xiaomi’s first flagship for the year. However, the launch date for the Xiaomi Mi 6 have always been a hot topic, with rumors making the rounds that the device would be launched in February, ahead of the Galaxy S8.

mi note 2

To this end, industry analyst Kevin Wang had hinted earlier on that the Mi 6 will enter test production in small batches. The Mi 6 was enmeshed in the 10nm Samsung process’ delay in production but another well-known analyst @Sun Changxy had assured that the Snapdragon 835 manufacturing was going on smoothly, so the Mi 6 could be mass produced ahead of its launch without the 10nm chip posing a logjam.

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Now, it has emerged that the Xiaomi Mi 6 has entered mass production and that Xiaomi has started mass producing two versions, one with LCD display and another, apparently the curved version, with OLED display. According to the leaked information, Xiaomi is still maintaining the 1,999 yuan price for the LCD version while the OLED version is still pegged at 2,499 yuan.

xiaomi mi 6 Concept
Xiaomi Mi 6 Concept

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As revealed on previous rumors, the OLED version is likely having a curved screen and is said to look like a sized-down version of the Mi Note 2. The Xiaomi Mi 6 is also expected to continue with the underglass Ultrasonic fingerprint sensor first featured on the Mi 5S. The device is also expected with an all-metal body. Other leaked specs include the presence of two RAM versions of 4GB and 6GB respectively. The device is also tipped to feature a 20MP main camera and cram a 4,000mAh built with Qualcomm Quick Charge fast charging support.



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  • Wolvie

    Hmmm if REALLY 1999 yuan (around US$290) then it is a very good price. Because the damn samsung, Sony, HTC, huawei, Oppo, gionee,vivo will easily selling at US$800 or more

    • Dont worry the resellers will sell it to you at 500 easily.

      • Wolvie

        *Sigh* i guess you are right

        • Yussuf

          Just buy from aliexpress. Got mine mi5 32gb for 240 dollars 3 months ago

          • José Rodrigues

            i live in europe…there it will be stuck in customs

          • Arman

            How is it?

      • Albino

        Probably 320 and 400.


    i hope the lower version gets OLED with 300 yuan increase in price

  • Saku

    If this is true, then another kudos to Xiaomi! I just hope they can finally break horizons and enter multiple market this year since they’re an awesome company.

  • teen.angie

    do u think the camera will be good for creepshots/upslirts?