Japan Display Confirms Building Flexible Screen; Hints 2017 iPhone to Feature Dual-Edge Curved Screen

by Anvinraj Valiyathara 0

Japan Display, a company that provides screen to Apple devices have confirmed that they are building flexible screens

Recent rumors have suggested that Apple the display of the iPhone 8 will be curved over the edges, a design that is similar to what is available on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Now that the Apple’s display manufacture from Japan has confirmed that it is making flexible screens, it seems that the upcoming iPhone will be arriving with a curved display.

Japan Display did not confirm on the name of the device for which it is building flexible display. Huawei is also one of the customers of Japan Display and there is a possibility that the curved display may be for future phones from the Chinese brand. However, Apple is heavily pegged to introduce its first iPhone that will feature a bendable AMOLED screen later this year.

2017 iPhone concept with curved display

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In November 2016, Apple had filed a patent for a foldable iPhone that can bend at some degree. Now that Japan Display has confirmed on making flexible screens it seems that foldable iPhone may soon become a reality.

The flexible screens are quite different from bendable or foldable displays. It may take more time to see a smartphone with a foldable screen. Bendable displays will allow its customers to fold or roll it conveniently. Such kind of screen is unlikely to get cracked easily, but at present it is very costly.

The flexible screen for iPhone would also require it to feature bendable components. There are many rigid internal components such as the battery that is a big hurdle in building a flexible iPhone. It may take some time for iPhone with flexible screen to reach customers.

Hence, the flexible screen that Japan Display has confirmed seems to be similar to the dual-edge curved screen present on S7 Edge. Since its manufacturing cost is much less than building a bendable display, it is likely that the 2017 iPhone may arrive with a dual-edge curved screen.