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Xiaomi Mi 5C Hits GFXbench: Specs and Processor Details Revealed

by Jed John 2

The Xiaomi Mi 5C is rumored to be the first Xiaomi smartphone that would feature the in-house Pinecone processor that would be unveiled on the 28th of this month in China. The Mi 5C is also expected to be released along with the Pinecone chipset on that day and ahead of the event, the Mi 5C has made an appearance on benchmark website GFXBench.

xiaomi pinecone processor

The expected specs of the Xiaomi smartphone isn’t a secret one but the GFXBench listing comes as a reminder. According to the listing, the Xiaomi Mi 5C comes with a 5.5-inch 1080p display and would have 3GB of storage as well as 64GB of internal storage. There is also a 12MP rear camera as well as an 8MP front-facing camera. The smartphone runs MIUI 8 based on Android 7.1.1 Nougat.

xiaomi mi 5c


The most important part of the listing is the aspect of the processor where the device is listed with an octa-core Cortex-A53 processor with a top frequency of 2.1GHz and a base frequency of 1.4GHz. Powering the graphics is a Mali-T860 GPU. No doubt, the configuration fits those of the Pinecone chip.

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Sadly, the device is listed as not having NFC onboard but there are connectivity options like WiFi, GPS and others. It is also coming with a single slot for SIM card. Just to reminder you, though, that GFXbench’s data are not always accurate, so until Xiaomi takes the veil off the Mi 5C, we can’t say for sure if these are the actual specs.

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  • Guaire

    Weak as either Snapdragon 625 or Helio P20, but those are manufactured at much more efficient 14/16nm FinFET process. So far leaks are spot on. That means it likely have manufactured 28nm.

    It would fit in very cheap Redmi phone similar to Redmi 2A. Mi5c might be relatively cheap too, but they can’t lower the bill of materials cost with in house chip alone. Maybe they can save $10-15 per unit at best comparison to the SD625 and P20, but building a somewhat high-endish device worthy to Mi line (with other features like cameras, display and build materials) around these chip likely will make it undesirable unless it will be very cheap. To make it desirable they probably have to sacrifice profit more than $10-15.

    If the leaks are true Xiaomi have already licenced Cortex-A73 and Mali-G71 from ARM. 2*Cortex-A73 + 4*Cortex-A53 CPU and with G71 MP4 GPU wouldn’t cost more than this setup, moreover it would be in the same league with Snapdragon 650 even probably a bit superior and acceptable to Mi line.

    They could have manufacture it at Global Foundries 22nm FD-SOI process with 28nm cost, and it would provide 14/16nm efficiency and performance. And Cortex-A35 instead to A53 would make it more efficient and would decrease the manufacturing cost a bit with its smaller footprint, but would add the licensing cost.

    • Muhammad Yasir

      HOLY SHIT , @guaire:disqus !

      looks like you did a bit of a mini-bachelors in SoC manufacturing ;p