Xiaomi Mi 5C Camera Samples: Dual Noise Reduction & Light Enhancement

by Habeeb Onawole 2

The Xiaomi Mi 5C is still fresh out of Xiaomi’s oven. The new mid-range device is the first phone to feature the new Surge S1 processor. Excluding the new chip, another interesting specification of the phone is its cameras.Xiaomi Mi 5C (2)

The Xiaomi Mi 5C is equipped with a 1.25μm 12MP camera on the rear. Xiaomi calls it Night Eye and says it features high quality dual noise reduction algorithm that preserves detail in low light. The Surge ISP algorithm also helps to improve camera light sensitivity by up to 150%. So whether you are taking pictures under very bright light or under low-light conditions, you should end up with clean and clear images.

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The front facing camera is an 8MP shooter with 36 intelligent and real-time beauty modes that produces selfies showing you in your best moment.

The Xiaomi Mi 5C sports a 5.15-inch display, 3GB RAM, 64GB of storage and comes with a 2860mAh battery. It is priced at ¥1499 (~$218).

Xiaomi has provided image samples taken with both cameras. What do you think? Do they live up to expectations?

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