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Rumor: Major Manufacturers Giving Up on Helio X30, May Spell Doom for Mediatek

by Habeeb Onawole 10

The battle for top chip manufacturer has been going on for years and this year is no different. All the major players have announced their flagship chips and what is left is to see them make it into phones. However, it seems one player might be dropping out of the race and that is Mediatek’s Helio X30 processor.

Latest report says that the major phone manufacturers that have signed up to use the Helio X30 in their phones have started pulling out. One of such companies is LeEco.

The reasons are that the Helio X30 has performance issues and is also grappling with mass production challenges. Mediatek’s Helio X30 processor is built using the 10nm fabrication process just like its competitor, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835.

The Snapdragon 835 might be facing supply issues too, forcing many manufacturers to change the launch dates of their flagship but there has been no report of it having performance troubles. The latter is why we understand a phone manufacturer might be abandoning the Helio X30. No matter how well designed or innovative a phone is, the performance of the processor also goes a long way. The Snapdragon 810’s heating issues is still fresh in our memories.

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LeEco is still the only manufacturer listed to have left, but the source says there are others too. However, there is no mention of Meizu jumping ship.


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  • Assefa Hanson

    Damn a tragedy to all consumers less competition/alternatives is bad Qualcomm had its 810 problems now it seens its mediateks turn according to these rumors o remeber saying after 7nm what are we gonna do people replied to me “5nm” like it was some easy thing

    Look how we are struggling with 10nm yields hopefully tech advances enough to overcome these issues

  • Saku

    If MTK could only adapt more GPU cores then maybe they compete better.

  • johala02

    I hope MediaTek will make it. Would not be good if Qualcomm will be to dominant.

    • Wolvie

      I also hope mediatek will make it. Competition is good to keep the price in control. so far the only soc vendor who can fight rather well against qualcomm is mediatek.

      I never see kirin and Exynos fighting against qualcomm at low and midle-level soc.
      Those premium brands are too busy selling their high-end phone installed with their premium soc. But never ever become mainstream to other manufacturers.

  • Plumplum

    Same rumors with X20 last years which cut A72 cores…
    I test the 10 cores fully running during 10 minutes and have…only 6% performances drop!!!

    Last year, rumors says Xiaomi will not use X20/25…Results : Redmi Note 4, Redmi Note Pro.

    Great, people here see that competition is needed…Hope to see a major brand on Helio X30…
    Sony already on P20…One more step will ne great

    • Wolvie

      Again i don’t really like qualcomm because they are patent trolls and most of the products using their soc are selling at high prices.

      But the bad news is qualcomm is so far the only soc vendor who can deliver the end products that balance between performances and prices.

      Mediatek are well known for its aggressive low pricing (Read : CHEAP) but for so many years they still cannot release a worthy competitors against qualcomm at mid-level. This is where all the money will come.

      Mid-level products normally is the balance between price and performance. Not too expensive and at the same time can deliver a good performance. And again average buyers normally no need the fastest.

      Let those rich (and dumb ?) fanboys spend their money on the fastest LOL.

      • Plumplum

        Problem is that sometime Qualcomm makes crap…
        And sell their crap even if Mediatek got better…

        Exemples : 410 vs 6732 or 615 vs 6752

      • Mr.Flying Zoom3rz

        MTK is good enough for midrange phones, performance is right on spot. The gaming is the achilles heel for MTK, but with X30 this should change as well. The battery life also needs improvement compared to Qualcomm. Nothing good will happen if MTK goes to die.

        • Riccardo Benzoni

          they need to re-write everything related to kernel and their rom, everything is so outdated and unoptimised it’s starting to really make them collapse as Android versions advance, every chipset has cameras underperforming, gps unstable, battery drains because of this, it’s 2012-2013 stuff just refreshed an patched here and there, they will be exclusively relegated to entry level and lower mid range very soon if things don’t change.

  • Zero

    If Mediatek is having problems with STOCK ARM Cores… oh boy… I wonder what happens if Qualcomm would repeat the Snapdragon 810 dissaster since their Kryo 280 is BASED on those cores instead to be a new brand ones like the original Kryo….

    Also… Seems that 10 nm is not the good node process they expected… and if both companies fails… seems that 16 nm / 14 nm will be the new 28 nm for a very long time…