Xiaomi Joins Race for a Foldable Phone with its Latest Patent

by Jed John 0

Smartphones with foldable displays are showing prospects of being a trend that would take the industry by storm in the near future. Samsung first unveiled its own foldable phone at CES 2013 called Galaxy X and ever since we had seen patent filings, leaks and rumors but no launch date yet. LG also has a patent for a foldable smartphone, also OPPO, Nokia and a host of others are also working on their foldable phone. Now, Chinese innovative tech company Xiaomi seems to be thinking in that direction.

A recent patent filing in China has revealed that Xiaomi has got a foldable smartphone in the works. From the details contained in the document, the phone has two displays which can be folded together. It includes an input section for typing and a display section. The device won’t open up flat as it an only be opened up to 160 degrees and not 180 degrees.

The patent filing only reveal that Xiaomi has got a foldable smartphone in development but as to when it would be launched, that we can’t tell. Already, the company has got a flexible display technology which it used on the Mi Note 2 so it may be easier to adapt that technology in the development of a foldable smartphone.