An Analyst Believes Huawei Will Topple Samsung to Become Apple’s Main Rival

by Habeeb Onawole 0

Brian White is an analyst for Drexel Hamilton and he thinks there will soon be a change of power in the smartphone world. According to him, Samsung’s days of being the Android king are coming to an end and the new king will be Chinese manufacturer, Huawei.

“I do expect the Chinese to knock off Samsung and that’s probably going to be Huawei. I see it as a Huawei-Apple fight in the future, Samsung and probably some smaller competitors underneath them.” Mr White is quoted as saying in an interview with Squawk Alley.

Samsung Galaxy S8+ Vs Huawei P10

Actually, his prediction may turn out to be true. In the fourth quarter of 2016, an IDC report says Apple and Samsung’s share of the smartphone market were almost tied at 18% each. Huawei almost snagged 11% of the market.

Both Huawei and Samsung have announced their flagships for 2017 and both devices are very impressive. It remains to see how many units they are able to sell by the end of the year.

It appears that the speculation of Samsung’s reign coming to an end is one that is not only shared by Brian White. Hans Tung, a venture investor and managing partner at GGV says he is skeptical about Samsung’s long term chances against Apple. He says the market is saturated and “it is very difficult to come up with a phone that will wow customers greatly”.

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He goes on to explain that Apple’s advantage over Samsung is the fact that it controls both the hardware and software that runs on its devices. The same can be said for Samsung who has to compete with other android phone manufacturers including Google. He also mentions the need for an ecosystem of  devices that are integrated to work together. This is something Apple already has but Xiaomi and Samsung are working on too.

These are all speculations though and I am sure Samsung is working hard to retain its spot at the top and even kick Apple’s butt. The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are wonderful devices and might help cement its position as the Android King.