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Xiaomi Mi 6 Front Panels Shown in Black & White Colors in Latest Leak

by Jed John 4

As the launch date for the Xiaomi Mi 6 draws nearer, we continue to get overwhelmed with new leaks by the day. CEO Lei Jun’s words are the only confirmation that we have so far gotten about an April launch but that would be just enough to keep us in high spirit. The rate at which the leaks come out is another reason to believe a launch is nearby and now, there is yet another leak.

xiaomi mi 6 display panel

The Xiaomi Mi 6 front glass panel is the latest to leak and it comes in both white and black colours. The front panel reveals a number of details about the display size and possible type. From the images, we can gather that we won’t be seeing a Mi Mix-looking display panel on the Mi 6. The screen-to-body ratio isn’t looking very high but the display will likely have ultra-narrow bezels at the sides.

Xiaomi Mi 6

In addition, the opening at the top bezel area seems to confirm the likelihood of an iris recognition technology similar to the one Samsung featured on the Galaxy S8 and earlier models. There is the usual front camera opening and that of the OIS and then, a third opening that is likely the iris scanner.

xiaomi mi 6 image

Also of interest is the opening for the front home button which has an oval shape and looks unusually large. The Mi 6 is said to feature the underglass ultrasonic fingerprint scanner used on the Mi 5S but with a fast sensor and better user experience. The size of the fingerprint scanner is also bigger than that of the Mi 5S.

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The Mi 6 doesn’t disappoint at the rear either, as it packs a dual camera setup and a curved design. Don’t also forget that the Mi 6 is rumoured to come with a waterproof built and won’t feature the 3.5mm audio jack. It is almost certain that the device will come in black and white colours as we had first seen a leak of the box casing for the device which is presented in black and white, and now the front panels. We also expect other cool colours on the final product when launched.

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  • Timotej

    Xiaomi Mi 6 , according to leaked informations , will be like remake of Mi 5s. Awful hardware button, display with bazels, only full hd TFT display – OLED would be better. Fingerprint sensor can be implemented in display not in button. For this year Samsung Galaxy S8+ wins and it doesn’t matter if I am Xiaomi fan or Samsung (I am Xiaomi fan)

  • Looks VERY different from other recently leaked images that show it with no bottom bezel. Or was that someone’s April Fool’s Joke??

    • Bojan Radovanović

      it’s a fake, or in best case scenario, that could be MiMix 2.

      anyway…this thing comes without audio jack, and Xiaomi is selling only one type of wireless earphones!?
      something is wrong here….maybe they will anoance wireless headphones too, but can you just imagine how many of xiaomi fans has their pistons and headphones with cable!?

      i am glad that i had good cellphone operator, that sold me s8 for a cheaper price than this would cost me to order 😉

  • Marco Silva

    If this is mi6 will be a very bad year for xiaomi! This is a step back for them! Hugo Barra will cry when see this. Very Ugly! Huge bezells, a fingerprit scaner like the fail of mi 5s? This would be a terrible year for xiaomi! If this is mi6 im already waiting for the mi6s, mi mix 2, because no one will buy this