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Xiaomi Releases Mi Router 3A, Prices it Same as Mi Router 3 With A Larger Memory

by Habeeb Onawole 3

Today is a big day for Xiaomi. The Chinese manufacturer is celebrating its 7th anniversary. Today is also another edition of its Mi Fans Festival where a bunch of Xiaomi products are sold for less. Asides that, Xiaomi has announced a new product, the Mi Router 3A.

The Mi Router 3A is similar to the Mi Router 3C but offers a bit more. It has the same 4 high-gain PCB antennas and the same 64MB RAM. Where it differs is in the ROM which is 64MB. Far from what you have in the 1TB or 8TB models of the Mi Router HD but better than the 16MB NOR Flash in the 3C.

Mi router 3A

For that extra memory, you get to pay more too. Xiaomi has put a price tag of ¥139 ($20) on the Mi Router 3A. However, you might want to buy the original Mi Router 3 seeing as it is currently on sale for the same ¥139 price but has double the memory (128MB).

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Although that price is for the duration of the Mi Festival after which it will go back to its ¥149 ($22) price. But even at that, it is still a better buy. The price difference between the Mi Router 3C and Mi Router 3  leaves us wondering if Xiaomi put any thought to it.


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  • Wolvie

    Hmm whoever buy this router is super Oxy moron

    Wifi speed running at WiFi-C (on the paper max bandwidth is 1167Mbps) BUT cheapskate Xiaomi only equipped the WAN PORT with FAST ethernet port that can only capable to deliver up to 100 Mbps.

    So no matter how fast is your wifi can connect ,it will still bottleneck at 100 Mbps when using internet

    100 Mbps 1Gbps
    Internet —- ISP Router ———————XIaomi Mi Router ——————– NB, Mobilephone, etc

    • Wolvie

      ISP Router XIaomi Mi Router

      XIaomi Mi Router Notebook, Mobilephone, etc

      • Jack Wong

        I don’t have internet faster than 100mbps here(NY) but it is good to know that.

        I have also seem Sonicwall firewall has the same setup.

        I believe if they make it clears under the specs then it is far enough.