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LG V30 Latest Leaked Detail: Curved Flexible OLED Display Panel

by Jed John 17

The LG V20 had the honour of being the first smartphone to run on Android 7.0 Nougat when it was launched last year. The device also came with a rich specs lineup which included a dual lens setup at the rear and a 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC chip which helps reduce ambient noise levels by up to 50%, thus offering a better sound output. If the V20 was an amazing device, early rumours about the LG V30 brings the prospect of a more stunning device.

LG V20
LG V20

According to the latest leak, the LG V30 would come with a curved OLED display. Recall that LG display was said to have supplied Xiaomi the curved OLED used on the Mi Note 2. That display was not only curved, but the panel was flexible. However, due to the difficulty in mass producing the flexible OLED panel, availability of the Mi Note 2 became an issue. But according to news from South Korea, LG has gotten a better production technique and would now be able to mass produce the flexible OLED panels. Apart from the V30, the LG will also supply the new generation of OLED panels to the next generation Mi Note series device which is expected to be the Mi Note 3.

LG Display
LG Curved OLED Display Prototype

LG V30 is expected to launch in the second half of the year and would use a narrow frame design similar to the one on the recently released LG G6. In addition, the V30 is rumoured to come with a Snapdragon 835 flagship chip as well as a 4GB RAM, while some rumours say 6GB of RAM. The flagship is also expected with a Quad DAC audio decoder chip and rear dual camera setup. The device is also likely to come with a dual-lens camera at the front.



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  • I like the V20. It looks somewhat ok, always on display is really awesome and they seem good in the audio and video department. But I’m already rocking the Huawei P10 Plus now (after two years of ZTE Nubia Z9) and everyone else will continue with Apple or Samsung, so, a little too late for me?

    • ElChe1988

      I have a V20 currently and I simply love it. Felt huge at the beginning but quickly got used to it. Great phone from LG.

      • Yeah, I was kinda bummed about it not having a single glass black front. 5.7″ is quite large, I’m always rocking dualSIM phones, like my fingerprint scanner on the front and the multifunction home button is so great it negates the need for on-screen nav buttons… so the P10 Plus really nails it all for me (not bezelless, no Qi charging are the only downsides I can think of). But I really was superinterested in the LG V20. They did a great job on that.

        • ElChe1988

          Definitely, I love the P series from Huawei, but they just made it to Canadian markets. We used to need to import them, and with our dollar that was quite alot hehe, the V20 was offered by providers on a more “classic” way. But yeah if I had the option now I might be rocking a P10 plus haha. But the LG does the job 😛

  • el sickness

    They made a big win with LG v20 please don’t mess with it too much and completely screw this up.

  • NextHype

    LG V30 or Oppo Find 9… choice will be hard

    • goodwill

      LG! haha. I feel like if it’s going to be overpriced, might as well be from the batter known brands so reselling it later will be much easier.

      • NextHype

        I don’t know if LG V30 is going to be a hit… I bought LG V10 6 months after its release for $450 (brand new, not used) ’cause it wasn’t selling very well. And seriously it’s not overpriced for a phone with that camera / audio quality (plus second screen and resistance certification).

        I’ll wait for the prices to drop before buying any of this 2 phones btw. It hurts my feelings to invest more than $450 in a phone ^^

  • Master Yates

    Looks like that phones still running Kit Kat by the look of those on screen buttons. WTF?

  • Antonio Thomas

    The LG v30 from what I have heard so far I like and lg needs to turn that second screen into a notification ticker that will flow across the very bottom of the phone or the very top… With the control of how fast or slow the ticker will flow. The ability to use 3rd party fonts for better fonts, or upgrade lg store with more fonts, etc.

  • nerys

    As long as they keep sd and removable battery i am in. Without both its not even a consideration.

    Also keep the ir add a baro sensor and hr sensor.

    Would also love a second sd slot.

    And come lg add a damned stylus. I so miss my stylus.

    • ben

      The need to keep removable battery, SD card, AND headphone jack. I hate that those 3 features aren’t on every phone. This industry trend of eliminating useful features is ridiculous.

    • Anton Soriano

      a real dual sim might be more practical than a second sd card. hybrid sim card slots are useless.

    • Mike DeFreitas

      I think the V20 already has a baro sensor

  • yoselife

    i cant without 3.5mm and sd card

    • NextHype

      who said there won’t be any 3.5 jack on the V30 ?
      why should any brand put a DAC in a phone without a jack ?

  • Jacob

    This is not a new leak! Picture is several years old. Google the LG G Edge and this picture is everywhere.