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Huawei Releases Official Statement on Why It Used Different Memory Chips on Huawei P10, P10 Plus

by Anvinraj Valiyathara 13

When the Huawei P10 and P10 Plus flagship phones were introduced at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017, Huawei had stated that these phones feature UFS 2.1 storage chips. However, recent benchmarks from AndroBench app of Huawei P10 and P10 Plus have revealed that the Chinese manufacturer has included different storage chips that produce slower read and write speeds. The company has now issued an official statement on why it has done so.

It was revealed on a Huawei forum in China that some P10 users get more than 700 Mbps read and write speeds whereas some could not cross read and write speeds of 300 Mbps. Hence, it is speculated that Huawei may have used six combinations of RAM and storage types on P10 and P10 Plus:

  • LPDDR3 RAM and eMMC 5.1
  • LPDDR3 RAM and UFS 2.0
  • LPDDR3 RAM and UFS 2.1
  • LPDDR4 RAM and eMMC 5.1
  • LPDDR4 RAM and UFS 2.0
  • LPDDR4 and UFS 2.1 storage

The starting three combinations are the worst possible combinations while the last combination offers the best read and write speeds. It was found that the most expensive variant of Huawei P10 Plus that comes with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB storage is found to include eMMC 5.1 that offers the slowest speeds of less than 300 Mbps.

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Huawei has now released an official statement which confirms that it has used multiple storage chips on P10 and P10 Plus smartphones since it ordered them from multiple suppliers in a bid to avoid shortages. Here is an excerpt from the official statement:

“To meet global demand of millions of units, Huawei has employed the standard industry practice of sourcing solutions from multiple trusted suppliers to ensure a balance between user experience, quality and sustainable supply. Relying on a single component supply can lead to a shortage, meaning delays for consumers who wish to buy our new products. In the case of flash memory, in this instance, Huawei has chosen multiple simultaneous mainstream solution suppliers.”

According to Huawei, AndroBench app that was used to find out different storage chips on P10 and P10 Plus do not provide benchmark scores on the basis of daily use of these smartphones. It further added that it is randomly using memory chips on P10 and P10 Plus on the basis of the components that it receives from suppliers. So, it means that there is no confirmed way of getting a Huawei P10 or P10 Plus with the best memory chip.

. The company also claims that it has not made any false claims on P10 and P10 Plus. ”Among all Huawei P10 marketing collateral, there has been no commitment to the use of only one specific flash memory,” the company said. It disagreed on making any “discrimination or intention to defraud consumers.”




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  • Hmmmmmnnnn,
    That sounds fishy to me.

  • Zero

    Ok… Time to resume this year screwups:
    – Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus with red tint screen.
    – LG G6 with incomplete versions to all the world. No version gets all and the worst version is the Global one.
    – Huawei P10/P10 Plus with the storage/RAM issue.
    – Xiaomi Mi6 with the jack removal/no product line to replace it. Pending to see how much it can resist.
    – Snapdragon 835 giving sub par improvement compared to previous generation

    In few words this is about to be the worst year for the phone industry. The big names screwing up big time.

  • quodvadis

    lol this is some shady shit. not gonna partake in your raffle huawei, especially not for $700 devices. don’t care why and how.

    actually if they’re this sloppy for their top of the line products, I can’t imagine how crappier the qc of their lower tiered ones is.

    • Jolteon

      I have a p9l lite since october. 250$ phone. It’s still very good.

      • quodvadis

        good for you, not gonna pay $250 for a 2/3gb phone with t830mp2 gpu and questionable memory performance for the price though.

        • Rob

          You have to bear in mind that was OK spec in 2015, it’s very important to take the release date in to consideration in these circumstances.

          • quodvadis

            Launch Announced 2016, April
            Status Available. Released 2016, April

            from gsmarena. huawei p9 lite.

            it is indeed important to consider release dates as a lot of other brands could get you more for less at that time.

  • Sam Wong

    Not going to buy this brand phone anymore although been using Huawei Mate 8 phone for 2 yrs, paying high price for low end components…Huawei your reputation fall to ground…

    • Rob

      Your comment makes no sense, you’ve been happily using your mate 8 for 2 years so can’t be that bad, we already know many manufacturers do the same thing, the only reason I haven’t bought an Huawei device is because I feel they are too expensive.

      • quodvadis

        it makes sense as he could have paid less for those low end components instead and got the same experience but I see that you’d rather defend a decision like this from faceless corporations just because “others are doing it too!”.

  • mudi1

    Huawei lost its credibility for coming years who knows they done same with lenses too …..???
    xiaomi also does same …. different parts in same product but they go even worse they do with camera !!
    my frnds were right………” NEVER TRUST CHINESE”

    • Lubemark

      Apple is not chinese but is doing the same. different speed in memory and and also different lithography for SOC 😉

      • mudi1

        Agreed with you buddy but atleast apple, samsung tells that they are using diff node, snapdragon or exynos, Exmor RS or ISOCELL
        at first Huawei denied softly then they choose to keep silent, finally they said …. ok ok we done that.