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Xiaomi Mi 6 vs Huawei P10 Camera Shootout: Ultimate Dual Camera Comparison

by Joe 14

Up until a few years back, Huawei smartphones were known for their quality hardware. The camera wasn’t a big advantage of the company’s flagship and most users would lean towards the iPhones or even the Samsung Galaxies for fulfilling their camera requirements. This kind of changed with the Huawei P9. The P-series, which was a rather lackluster and boring mid-range lineup suddenly got all the spotlight last year for the dual cameras at the back. Even last year, dual cameras were not exactly revolutionary (even Huawei had released a dual camera phone, the Honor 6 Plus before) but what really brought the P9 forward into the spotlight was its Leica certification. This made it a dual camera monster and the phone was rated to have one of the best cameras of its time.

Huawei P10 vs Xiaomi Mi 6

Fast forward to 2017 and meet the Huawei P9’s worthy successor, the Huawei P10. Despite the memory scandal surrounding the new flagship, the phone is a powerful dual camera performer, clicking amazing portraits and low light images. The phone still has the Leica certification as well as an upgraded dual camera unit. But P10’s dual cameras are no longer unique and the Leica certification alone isn’t enough to ensure better images than competitors.

Xiaomi Mi 6 vs Huawei P10 Camera Specs

Xiaomi Mi 6 vs Huawei P10 Camera Specs
Huawei P10 (L) vs Xiaomi Mi 6 (R) Camera Specs

This is exactly why we need to pit the Huawei P10 with the brand new dual camera contender, the Xiaomi Mi 6. Now, in the Xiaomi Mi 6 vs Huawei P10 camera comparison, you may feel that the latter will click better pictures, especially with its Leica certification. But just look at the comparison down below to see the difference in real life.

To be honest, I couldn’t pick one smartphone as being superior to the other one. The Mi 6 manages to click some surprisingly good images in some instances while the P10 disappoints. But there are some images wherein the P10 captures superior images with better colors.

For example, the Mi 6 managed to capture pretty good colors in the image of the dry leaf. But P10 managed to do better in terms of colors in the case of the pink toy image. Even in low light situations, the P10 manages to click brighter images. But when the lights were very dim, like in the two night time pictures added below, the Mi 6 took brighter images but with more noise. In the same case, the P10 managed to keep the noise level low, but the images were darker.

In the portrait mode camera samples, the P10 seems to be better at the job of blurring the background. Note that while the P10 was quick to effectively blur the background and capture the portrait, the phone became hot after 10 minutes. Mi 6 was decent in taking portrait pictures, not as quick as the P10, but it didn’t get hot. Portraits seem to be P10’s specialty, as the images look better than the portrait samples captured by the Mi 6.

But overall, considering the pricing difference between the two models, I would like to say that the Xiaomi Mi 6 does a pretty good job of keeping up with the P10. Who do you think is better in the Xiaomi Mi 6 vs Huawei P10 comparison?

Check out the second gallery, below this one, for the portrait pictures from both the phones.

Note that the pictures taken from the Mi 6 has watermark, so it’s easy to differentiate the samples.


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  • Saku

    Mi 6 already has f1.8 but still can’t get a good low-light shot. Is it a matter of optimization? But in ample light, it looks really good, almost on par with the expensive flagship’s camera performance.

    • eliHd452

      Chinese company phones cant make phones with good camera even huawei have to resort to work with German leicas to get good camera in their flagship phones

  • goodwill

    In some shots, I preferred P10 and in some, Mi6. But because of the whole flash memory scandal from Huawei, I’d go for Mi6. I don’t want to pay high price thinking I might end up with an emmc 5.1..

    • Goshiro12

      Well, sorry to say that, but Xiaomi had this kind of scandal lately. The new Redmi Note 4X is produced with two different main camera sensors due to shortage of Sony sensors. So, if you order a Redmi Note 4X you may get one with a Samsung Sensor, wich isn’t bad at all, but still not as good as the one from Sony.

      • goodwill

        That’s kinda different tho. cause the MP doesn’t shrink, just the supplier for the camera sensors changed. Huawei crossed the line and literally cheater the consumer. They advertised P10 to be UFS 2.1 but it turns out some units are carrying a emmc 5.1 or UFS 2.0, That’s a rather huge downgrade for a rather premium price for a phone.

        • Goshiro12

          No, that’s not different. You could also say that the amount of ram is still the same. The MPs are not automatically indicators for good quality. Xiaomi also advertised their Note 4X with the Sony Sensor, wich is, at the end, not completely true.

          • goodwill

            Actually, Xiaomi never did advertise the note 4X to have a Sony sensor, they only advertise it as 13mp. Do share your source from which ever official Xiaomi ad or website you got this from. I know this cause I’m one of the official beta tester for a Mi device and I’m rather active in Mi Forum. and both the IMX258 and s5k3l8 are good sensors and have similar quality, just the colour is warmer on the Isocell sensor

      • kek

        Same thing happened to Galaxy S6 / Galaxy S7

  • mf1gt3r

    For the price, MI6 does a better job.

    • Xiaomi mi6 official price is lower, but it’s impossible buy it at that price. I don’t like Xiaomi always play this game again and again.

      • mf1gt3r

        $458 -$475 In some well known sites. That’s very OK if you ask me.

  • adrian

    i have seen way better shots taken on the P10. honestly, P10 photos in this article is kinda bad.

  • Wallace Mote

    That’s why we have P10 Plus with better cameras.

  • Zephyr


    What about the Black and White camera modes? Can someone shed some light on that as this article is missing out on that?

    Also the other day I tried the Xiaomi in a shop so couldn’t really do a lot of testing but noticed that it has a mode, I don’t really know the name, but the image looks like it’s graphite pencil drawing on paper. Does anyone know how this is called and if Huawei P10 can do the same?