Analyst Reveals Details About Mediatek’s Helio P23

by Habeeb Onawole 2

Qualcomm is Mediatek’s biggest competitor and it is usually a tough race between both rivals. Following the announcement of the new Snapdragon 660 and Snapdragon 630, Mediatek seems to be planning to announce a new processor that will rival both chips. According to tech analyst, Pan Jiutang, Mediatek’s new chip is called the Helio P23.

In his Weibo Post, Pan Jiutang says the Helio P23 is similar to the Helio X30. The latter which has been announced since last year  is Mediatek’s 10nm chip but has failed to surface in phones more than 4 months after its announcement due to production issues.

Helio P23

The Helio P23 is built on a 16nm architecture but incorporates the main features of the Helio X30 such as the PowerVR 7XTP GPU. It will support Cat. 7 LTE, LPPDR4X RAM, up to 2K displays, and dual cameras. The Helio P23 will make use of eight core-A53 cores and will be easier and cheaper to make.

Mediatek is hoping that when the Helio P23 launches it will help it recover some of the mid-range market it has lost to Qualcomm. Last year, Mediatek had suffered a loss in market share due to the inability of its chips to support Cat. 7 LTE.

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There is no news of the exact date the chip will be officially unveiled but it should probably start showing up in devices by the end of 2017.


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