Xiaomi Phone Bursts Up in Flames During Morning Commute

by Habeeb Onawole 2

Early yesterday morning, during the morning commute to work, a lady’s Xiaomi phone burst up in flames while in use. The lady who was standing during the trip was holding her phone when it started smoking causing her to quickly drop it, resulting in a commotion.

Images from the camera on the bus shows passengers fleeing to the exits while the bus was in motion. The driver on realizing what was happening had to quickly stop the vehicle to allow passengers get off. The fire was eventually put out and no one was reported to be injured.

An investigation team that analysed the CCTV footage said the lady was seen using a headset with the phone earlier. There is no report yet as to what led to the phone bursting into flames but the fire left a scorch mark on the floor before it was put out.

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The phone appears to be a Redmi Note 2 judging from the speaker grille at the base and its lack of a fingerprint scanner. Xiaomi has not released a statement about the incident but we believe they should be aware already.