Did OnePlus Just Tease The Colors of The OnePlus 5?

by Habeeb Onawole 0

Ever since the OnePlus 3 was released, I have used every opportunity available to beg OnePlus to release a red (and blue) variant. It never happened with the OnePlus 3 nor OnePlus 3T, but it just might happen with the OnePlus 5.

A tweet via the official OnePlus account seems to be the teaser for the color variants of the OnePlus 5. The colors include grey, a mixture of colors called vaporwave, red, and grey.

Does that mean we are getting 4 colors? Maybe, maybe not. OnePlus’ co-founder’s reply to the tweet is “5”. This could mean there is a fifth color variant that is being kept a secret or it could just be him trolling us.

In as much as I am excited about a possible red variant, I am also curious about the vaporwave color. How do they plan to incorporate the mixture of colors without it coming off as ugly?

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The OnePlus 5 is expected to launch next month. One of the main features we look forward to seeing is the dual camera setup said to grace the back of the phone.

Are you excited about a red OnePlus 5? Or do you prefer the more subtle black?

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