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MGCool Explorer Action Camera Review – 4K for $36.99?

by Linus 7

The market of cheap action cameras is pretty crowded but we just came across an affordable camera made by MGCool. It costs just about $60 but it has quite a few features like 4k video recording. Learn more in our full MGCool Explorer 4k action camera review. In fact, Gearbest has this camera just for $36.99 on a flash sale.


As usual to most of the cheap action cameras, it comes with a ton of accessories that include all sorts of mounts, cradles and so on. A few notable accessories are a waterproof case and the bike cradle. However, there is no spare battery included.


The MGCool Explorer sports a classic action camera design. It’s made of plastic and it is very light.

The buttons are nice and tactile and we have a few ports that include the micro USB, micro HDMI, and the microSD card slot.

As for the camera, we have a 16MP SONY IMX 179 sensor with 170° wide angle lens. There is also Allwinner Technology V3 chipset that does the image processing.

A 2” display does not have the highest resolution but it gets the job done for an action camera.


You can navigate through the menus using the buttons and the user interface is pretty straightforward.

You can adjust the resolution, play with the image settings and adjust quite a few different settings if you wish so but I guess that most of us just use the auto-mode. You can also view the pictures you took or the videos you shot straight on the camera display.

The camera also has a built-in Wifi and that means that you can connect it to your phone using the app.

The app allows you to use the phone as a viewfinder. You can also watch the videos you shot or adjust some settings.


In order to test the quality of the 4k and 1080p video, I used the Zhiyun Rider-M gimbal for action cameras. It stabilizes the footage of action cameras very well.

As for still image quality, it is pretty good for a cheap action camera. However, I would love to see a bit more detail in some images and some of the shots came out slightly underexposed.

Still, the quality of the footage is great for cheap action camera and you simply can’t expect anything better at this price range. However, the 4k video is recorded only in 15fps, so the footage does not look very smooth. Finally, the sound recording quality is terrible, like on most of the cheap action cameras.


The 1050mAh battery performs great knowing the fact that the camera has a 2” display. I could get 1:20 h of 4k video recording and around 3 hours of total usage per charge.


All in all, the MGCool Explorer 4k  action camera is a great choice for those who don’t want to spend hundreds for a GoPro but still want to have a small device that can shoot videos or take pictures.

Also, it has 2” screen, lots of settings, the battery life is good and this cheap camera comes with lots of accessories. However, you have to know that the 4k video is recorded only in 15 fps and the sound recording quality is bad.

For a price of just about $60, it is still a great bang for your buck, despite a few shortcomings that are common to all cheap action cameras. In fact, Gearbest has this camera just for $36.99 on a flash sale. For this price, it sounds like a bargain.

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  • Tech77

    Good LCD size and the accessories would be useful in many occasion isn’t?
    sensor size is big as well

  • Julio Pedregosa

    Very good review. Continue in this manner.

  • Emi Geek

    Good review and very interesting device. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Jake99

    It seems like they never have a regular price as their products are always on discount, which is awesome for the customer. Although I’m sure it would take better to buy their cameras around the big holidays as then the discounts are the biggest and you can get the cameras for the cheapest price possible.

  • rossya88

    First time ordering a camera and NO REGRETS! I loved how it came with not only the camera but with several accessories!
    There was so many pieces, but instructions were super easy to follow. Pictures helped a lot!

    After playing around with the camera, it is very easy to use. Pictures and videos turned out better than expected! What I love most is that it is wireless! This made it very convenient~

  • YooMii

    It isn’t *great* by any stretch – but it is surprisingly good. Video quality is better than acceptable. Audio quality is just shy of acceptable, with a muffled quality to it. I have read enough reviews to know that my experience with the audio is not limited to my unit. Because the camera is so hobbled by this poor audio and does not represent a huge investment, I plan to follow some of the video tutorials out there and retrofit an external microphone jack, which makes a world of difference.

  • JimMorisson

    I am very happy with value. I am happy with the picture quality. The app works well. It lags slightly at times but I imagine this is the case with any camera. I also had some trouble uploading video to my iPad. I wish the app would let you know what percentage was uploaded so that you knew it was doing something and not frozen. I have not totally mastered all of the settings but what I have used so far has created some good shots. I would get this camera again.