Samsung Galaxy S8 Sales Are Amazing, Selling Twice As Fast As The S7

by Habeeb Onawole 2

Recent reports about the Galaxy S8’s sales shows Samsung has gotten past its Galaxy Note 7 woes. Latest sales figure were shared by a Samsung official to Korean media, The Investor.

As at Sunday, May 28, Samsung says it has sold 1 million Galaxy S8 units in its home country since it went on sale on April 21. That’s about thirty-seven days, which is a huge improvement over the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7. It took the S6 and the S7 seventy-five and seventy-four days respectively to hit the 1 million mark. That means the S8 is selling twice as fast as its predecessors.

Galaxy S8 Homescreen

Samsung isn’t usually open about its sales this early. However an industry source says it may be using it as a marketing strategy. It had started with pre-order sales, announcing that pre-orders had crossed half a million within two days. A little over a week later, it confirmed that pre-orders had reached the one million mark.

When its Bixby assistant became available on May 1, Samsung again revealed that the number of adopters on the first day was 160,000. It also stressed that shipments of the phone were over 10 million units when global sales was announced to have reached 5 million.

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The Galaxy S8 is a fantastic device and it is good to see Samsung recover from the Note 7 mess. Samsung’s targets for the S8 is 60 million units by year’s end. Let’s see if it achieves it.

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