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Leaked Images Reveal the Refurbished Galaxy Note 7 Will Be Easy To Identify

by Jed John 1

Samsung had made moves that indicated the company is working on refurbished models of the botched Galaxy Note 7 which was plagued by battery fire incidence last year. The units are said to be known as Galaxy Note 7R and have made a couple of appearance for certification. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7R model recently received Bluetooth certification and now, its real life image has appeared.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7R

The images show the Galaxy Note 7R continues to use the same design as the Note 7 just as expected but it comes with a unique identification mark. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7R comes with a big letter R written on the back of the glass body which will obviously serve as an identification mark for anyone to easily know it is the refurbished model. We still don’t have a word from Samsung as to the launch date or the name the device would adopt. But Samsung is reported to be working on the models with the aim of selling them in the emerging market where price is the major driving force.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7R

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 7R would feature the same specifications as the initial model but will sport a safer battery. Also, we expect the Note 7R to come with a price cheaper than the original models. We still don’t have any word on its launch date but an earlier rumour tips the model as launching in June.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7R

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  • Prince tom

    Any fire incident and Samsung would wish they had buried it totally before. This is a real gamble