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When Is It Too Big? Mi Max 2: Here’s Xiaomi Founder’s Response

by Zhen Wan 3

The Xiaomi Mi Max 2 currently stands as a 6.44-inch behemoth and has hit the shelves in China. The smartphone’s predecessor is known for its long battery life, outlasting flagship phones and small tablets, as well as its obvious overall footprint. We shouldn’t be surprised if we see better battery life with the new Max 2 with an increase in battery size at 5300 mAh (compared to 4850 mAh in the original Max) paired with Quick Charge 3.0.

Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Hero

Questions have arisen whether Xiaomi should increase the size of the Mi Max lineup to 7 inches. Lei Jun (Founder of Xiaomi) states that the 6.44 inch is the optimum level where one hand operation is still possible. Whilst a 7-inch smartphone, for many of expected users, would be too large to use with one hand.

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LeiJun Xiaomi

Although Lei Jun is reserved about a 7-inch smartphone, he has stated before he was not opposed to the idea of using a larger screen on smaller smartphone forms. An example of this is Xiaomi’s Mi Mix, where Lei Jun said the Mix has the screen size similar to the Max, but in a much smaller build.


It is unclear whether Xiaomi has plans for a larger screen smartphone, however Lei Jun has not ruled out the possibility of future smartphones housing screens beyond the 6.5-inch boundary. In terms of the Mi Max line, the 6.44-inch screen size looks like it will be staying.

Should there be a larger screen Mi smartphone? Share your thoughts down below.


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  • Phones this large are only for a minority – niche users. Recent surveys say that the most preferred size range is 5 to 5.2 inches. I don’t even like 5.5 inch phones, let alone those that are so much larger. I recently bought a Xiaomi Mi 5 S Plus to try a 5.7 inch phone. Sold it about 2 weeks later. Too big. With all the hype surrounding large phones, I sometimes feel that I am the odd one here so it is reassuring to see that the majority prefer 5 to 5.2 inch phones, like me.

    • Zhen

      I agree to the extent that 7 inch phones are just undersized tablets. I’ve owned an Oppo Find 7 as a main driver for roughly three years now and I’ve found decent to operate (small hands). I mean the Find 7 is old now and you’ll be able to find phones with slimmer bezels and thinner chins, thus 5.5 inch phone are likely to be smaller than previous 5.5 inches.

      But overall, I still think a 5.5 inch is still a decent size screen to use as long as we don’t have body size inflated to an iPhone 7s. In terms of 5 to 5.2 they’re also nice to use too in my opinion, a lot more portable.

  • William

    I prefer 5.5 inch, not too big nor too small, just the right size for me. For example, the Redmi Note 4X, I hope Lei Jun would take advantage of the large chunk of forehead and chin to be used for implementing audiophile-grade dual front firing speakers without sacrificing physical backlit capacitive keys and the quality of selfie camera. I would prefer Lei Jun collaborate with the likes of B&O for audio quality and Leica or DxOmark for photo quality. Both facial recognition scanner and iris scanner are totally redundant in my opinion since we already have fingerprint scanner because they would take up a lot of space on the forehead portion unless Lei Jun plans 6 inch display for Redmi and flagship series.