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Meizu Seems To Be The Only Manufacturer keeping The Helio X30 Alive

by Habeeb Onawole 12

Last year, MediaTek announced the Helio X30 as its first 10nm chip. Almost seven months later and we are yet to see a phone powered by the chip.

The Helio X30 is supposed to replace the Helio X20, offering up to 35% increase in performance and a 50% decrease in power consumption. It will also have a better GPU performance as it has ditched the Mali GPU for a PowerVr 7XTP-MT4.

Helio x30

When it was first announced, there were a number of manufacturers said to have signed up for the chip. OPPO, Vivo, Meizu, Xiaomi and LeEco are the big names while smaller companies such as Vernee, Ulefone and Doogee were also mentioned. Of the big names, only Meizu is still associated with the processor and it is expected to power its Pro 7 flagship next month. The others have moved to Qualcomm chips or settled for the older Helio chips.

The smaller companies like Ulefone, Vernee and Doogee have it tough as they rely heavily on MediaTek for their chipsets. Vernee for instance announced their flagship phone, the Apollo 2 at MWC 2017 and scheduled it to launch in May. We are half way through June and nothing has been heard about the phone. These manufacturers will have no choice other than to settle for older processors like the Helio X20 or the more recent Helio X27.

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Meizu has already ironed out its issues with Qualcomm and it has a good relationship with Samsung. If the Helio X30 fails to impress, it can settle for chipsets from either of them. The Plus variant of the Pro 7 is already even rumored to be powered by the Exynos 8890.

Tec Analyst, Kevin Wang shares his opinion on the matter. A rough translation of his post on Weibo says manufacturers have abandoned the X30 and Meizu which is still hanging on is increasing its use of Samsung and Qualcomm’s mobile platforms. He even goes on to ask if there will be a X series next year. That question is one we can’t answer.


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  • Zero

    Bad year for Mediatek… But also for Samsung which lost Qualcomm since they moved to TSMC… Also BOTH 10 nm has strong supply issues and even Apple might get affected. To the point that even Snapdragon 660 will become more popular than 835 due the 14nm proccess.

    But… considering that Apple uses TSMC, Qualcomm will enter on a big problem on supplies… What a chain of suicidal moves on these following 2 years…

    Mediatek has the 2nd half of the year to comeback… They must do the following things:
    – Leave the 28 nm process once at all and start to use the GloFo 22nm on their basic and mid range smartphones. TSMC 16 nm on Helio P line and 10 nm on X line. Qualcomm dissapointed HARD with the 835 to the point that 660 was capped on GPU in order to NOT to catch them up.
    – Leave Mali GPU and use ALL Power VR GPU from now.
    – UPDATE THEIR DRIVERS and lead them to Android O.
    – Go to more OEMs and ask them for more cheap chips. Qualcomm is big, but is on legal problems now.
    – Start to qualify the product lines and stop to call them by 4 digits, but now as gases:
    Hydrogen as the basic Quads
    Helio as the mid Range
    Neon as the high range.

    That is in order to attract customers.

    Also… Mediatek were in conversation with ASUS and Acer… So expect Asus debuting the Helio X30 too.

    Also Elephone X8 confirmed it too. Vernee confirmed it too. Doogee confirmed that too.

    The problem is that no one will want to stay with Mediatek due the driver support…. But Qualcomm went retarded too and they are forcing to look to other options… Maybe is the return of Intel/Spreadtrum?

    • Juan Pedro Martín

      I agree with you.
      I think X30 is going to be a very good processor. In theory close in power to SD835(much better than sd660) at SD660 price and seems to be the best power/efficiency soc (power like sd821 but more efficient than 821 and 835).
      Perfect movement to use PowerVr. I think it could be a big improvement in mediatek socs.
      As you said is essential to UPDATE THEIR DRIVERS and lead them to Android O.

      • Zero

        I feel that Helio X30 is heavily underrated… And Qualcomm SD 835 is overrated as hell, except in GPU and Modem departments which did a good job.

        Wondering how much score the Helio X30 on Antutu.

        Also… Mediatek must stick with Power VR if they want to survive. Mali started to get stuck.

        • Bipul Amatya

          why do indians use the word DEPARTMENT so often, every indian reviewer says camera department, ram department in every video,

          • Zero

            Sir… I am not indian, but I use department to qualify the functionality of the device part. Yeah, sounds complicated, that’s why they use the department word in order to try to explain it more simplier.

  • Muhammad Yasir

    poor X30 , it’s story ended even before it started

    perfectly analogous to the death of a child who was never born :'(

  • Wolvie

    Problem with Mediatek is they always tend to use low end (read : SLOW) GPU and their software/driver support sucks big time. If they can polish these 2 problems then more or less they are on the right track.

    Also since mediatek programmers sucks ass then please RELEASE YOUR GOD DAMN SOURCE CODE to public and let thousand better Android programmers outside do the debugging and development.

    • Karoon

      The fact that we don’t have the source code for some MTK based devices is, in most cases, the vendor’s fault. Surprisingly, many Lenovos that used Mediatek chips have the kernel source available, the same applies for some LeTV devices, I use a IUNI phone with a QC CPU and IUNI never provided us with their kernel sources, which is why only the MTK based N1 has custom roms that aren’t based on the stock rom. So screw the manufacturers of phones for not caring about their community. Also, take note that Meizu doesn’t provide the source code for all their phones, which is why you may end up stuck with Flyme regardless of the CPU they end up using

  • Tommi

    P series are more used than X series.

  • z4ck

    again, you are writing exynos8890 …

  • Nilzie

    This is such a shame. X30 is a beast

    • meh…

      Sadly, this is the state of competition in mobile SOCs. Even Intel couldn’t get into the space because of Qualcomm muscling them out. It’s no wonder other vendors are having trouble as Mrdiatek by comparison to Intel doesn’t have a pot to pee in.