Mijia’s Next Crowdfunding Product Is A Mini Refrigerator With A Mirror Finish

by Habeeb Onawole 0

Mijia has a new product launching tomorrow. A teaser poster released earlier, suggested the product is an ice box. However, two additional teaser posters released today make us think its actually a mini refrigerator.

Mijia Refrigerator

The first of the new poster images shows a woman reclining on a sofa with the product beside her. A berry-like fruit is in each of the three compartments of the item. A rough translation of the text in the image says “fresh litchi (lychee) is my favorite”. Litchi is the fruit of a tropical tree native to Guandong and Fujian provinces of China. It also grows in other countries such as India Thailand and India.

Since this teaser mentions keeping the “freshness” of the fruit and the very first teaser shows ice cubes in the compartments, it probably is a mini refrigerator.

Mijia Refrigerator 2

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The final teaser poster shows the woman looking at her reflection on the body of the refrigerator. This hints at the product having a mirror-like finish that is highly reflective.

The product launches on June 15 at 10:oo AM, so we should know if we are right about it being a refrigerator or not.