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How Does OPPO Manage To have Enough Stock Ahead of Its Launch?

by Habeeb Onawole 3

OPPO is the second on the list of smartphone manufacturers in China. That is no small feat and must have required a lot of hard work to get there. OPPO’s new flagship, the R11 went on sale yesterday and in less than an hour, it surpassed the sales of the R9, with still enough units in stock. So how does OPPO do it while other manufacturers (insert Xiaomi) have supply issues?

Oppo R11

OPPO Supply

Industry analyst, Mocha RQ takes to Weibo to give an insight as to what the company is doing right. His explanation is that OPPO has a very good relationship with its suppliers. It pays them on time; orders a single large batch and not in small quantities; and the supplier doesn’t have to worry about issues like patents infringements. He also says outside its business activities with its suppliers, OPPO organizes informal events such as dinners with them.

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Does it mean companies like Xiaomi do not have a good working relationship with its suppliers or there is more to its supply challenges? Your guess is as good as mine. Although Xiaomi sometimes have supply issues when it uses materials like ceramic but for other phones like the Redmi series, it still battles with not having enough stock.


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  • Zero

    The answer is FAR simplier than expecting…. They are not only Oppo.. They are Vivo, OnePlus and other 2 brands. BBK is so big that all together are one BIG brand that can rival Samsung.

    That’s why they can get all the parts so fast.

    • princetom

      We all know it’s even harder than that. It’s supply chain, so may things comes into play

      • Zero

        Indeed, but is not that much. When you are as big as Samsung is easier to get some parts for you. The big issues are the processors