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Snapdragon 660 Powered Sharp FS8016 Seen on Geekbench

by Habeeb Onawole 8

The Snapdragon 660 debuted in the OPPO R11 and R11 Plus last week. And we expect other manufacturers to pick up the new mid-range processor for their phones. The Moto X4 speculated to launch later this month will be powered by it and a Geekbench listing shows it will be in a new Sharp FS8016 phone.

Sharp FS8016

The Sharp FS8016 was spotted on Geekbench yesterday and it is listed as having the SDM 660 under its hood. It appears Qualcomm has already started using its new naming system.

The Sharp FS8016 runs Android 7.1.1 and has 4GB of RAM. No other info about the phone is available. The device scores 1656 points on the single-core test and 5244 on the multi-core test. These scores are in line with that of the OPPO R11 (single-core test = 1607, multi-core test = 5823).

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It will be interesting to know the other features of the Sharp FS8016. Will it have a bezel-less display? What resolution will it be, 1080p or Quad HD? And will it have the Emopa AI assistant that launched with the Aquos R? We will have to wait for a TENAA or GFXBench listing to get answers to some of the questions above.

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  • yoselife

    i read somewhere its going to cost around 550$ plus, but for this price you can get something with SD820 instead of SD660

    • Billy Williams

      There is no real difference between the SND 820 and the SND 660. The 660 is essentially an underclocked 835. The Adreno 530 is the only thing it has over the 660. Otherwise the 660 is just a more power efficient version of the 821

      • z4ck

        Quad-kryo and A73+A53 octa is a big difference. Kryo consume much more power than any other cores in iso-clock.

        • Billy Williams

          Not quite as big as you think. Its still the Big Core- Little Core process in work that they have been using. That 14 NM process being paired down from 28 cores is more efficient across the board. According to Qualcomm Android apps themselves are not optimized enough to warrant octo core which is why they decided to go with Quad for the 820+ but in the 660 the cores are necessary for further power saving The Kryo 260 will maybe be pushed by a couple games on Android, but even then its doubtful. There is nothing on Android that requires high level processing. Everything will be possible with the 660 that is possible with 820-821. That’s the reality. We could discuss things further about how individual specs, but you have to think real world. In the real world, the 660 is where you want to be. You get 820 level power with 653 level battery life. They only reason to choose the 835 is because you want to make a flagship. Oppo/Vivo has proven that apparently that doesn’t matter

  • Saku

    Oh man, 660 is such a beast. I hope it becomes a frequent SoC this 2017.

    • Assefa Hanson

      I’d wait before calling it a beast, they said 810 was a beast too and look at how that turned out

      • Saku

        But 810 was released 2014. I don’t think Qualcomm will have another dud such as that or else they’re gonna lose to the competition especially with MediaTek just waiting for a comeback and Apple just keeps beating their every releases.

  • NextHype

    too bad Sharp won’t sell this in Europe