Xiaomi Mi 5S, 5S Plus, Mi Note 2 & Mi MIX Get Android Nougat on MIUI 8 Developer Edition

by Habeeb Onawole 1

Xiaomi’s MIUI is famous for its heavy customization. That may be a good thing for some but others can’t live with the duration it takes for it to move to a different Android version. And even when it does, most of the new features are buried deep under the UI.

The Mi 5S, 5S Plus, Mi Note 2 and Mi MIX were all launched in the 4th quarter of 2016, a few months after Android Nougat was released. All four devices were Xiaomi’s flagship phones up until the Mi 6 was released. You would expect Xiaomi to focus on getting Nougat out to these devices as quickly as possible but sadly that isn’t the case.

On Friday, Xiaomi finally announced an Android Nougat update for those running the Developer Edition of its ROM. That means there might still be at least a one month wait before it makes it out as a stable release.

Android Nougat MIUI 8 Developer Edition

There is really nothing to be excited about. Those who run Android Nougat on the Mi 5 know there is little or no difference in the way the device looks after upgrading from Android Marshmallow. The reason is because it is still based on MIUI 8.

One wonders what Xiaomi is really doing with MIUI. It takes it super long to update from one Android Version to another and when it does, most of the new features are not even visible or present. And when it decides to release a new version of MIUI, there is almost a 12-month wait before release and another couple of months before it starts hitting devices.

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If you own any of the above devices and run the Developer Edition, you should get the update. Change-log includes an upgrade to Nougat and a number of bug fixes.