Xiaomi Mi 6 “Silver Edition” Spotted Online For Auction But Don’t Try Buying It

by Zhen Wan 0

The Xiaomi Mi 6 “Silver Edition” that we had seen in hands-on images after the announcement 2 months ago, won’t be on sale anytime soon, according to Xiaomi Marketing Director, Zang Zhiyuan.

mi 6 silver hero

This recent confirmation by the Marketing Director was raised after an auction listing of the Mi 6 silver variant emerged online, with a starting price at ¥3999 (~$585). Since the last source report, the price had shot up to ¥16,999 ($2490.22).

Mi 6 silver edition listing

Many home-based Mi fans and consumers have complained that this pre-release version of the Mi 6 was a marketing ploy to hype up the Mi 6 and that Xiaomi has cut costs by reducing the number of variants.

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Zang Zhiyuan responded to the social media that the silver variant has proven to be very difficult to manufacture due to the ‘complex process’. We understand Zang has stated the amount of high-quality yield as insufficient for mass-production and trials are still underway to perfect the silver variant.

mi product director comment on silver mi 6

Furthermore, he defends that the Mi 6 variant is not suitable for consumers currently as the silver edition remains an engineering device and stated that Xiaomi had the right to pursue legal action against both the seller as well as the buyer since it’s the company’s asset.


Do you think that this was a marketing ploy? Should Xiaomi present unbuyable products?