Nokia 6 International Edition: All the Hardware, Software Changes Listed

by Anvinraj Valiyathara 1

HMD Global’s first Nokia phone running on Android is the Nokia 6. The smartphone was unveiled first in China. As promised, the Finnish company is working on making the Nokia 6 in various markets across the globe. It has been found that the international edition of Nokia 6 is somewhat different from the Chinese version.

The Nokia 6 for China comes with 4 GB of RAM, but its international variant was confirmed in May to feature 3 GB of RAM. However, the letter that has been sent to Federal Communications Commission (FCC) by the Finnish company carries a list of hardware and software changes. One of the changes that can be seen on the international Nokia 6 is that it features 4 GB RAM and 64 GB of storage.

It seems that these changes were brought to Nokia 6 according to the feedback HMD Global received from the users. Since the company was making some changes on the international Nokia 6, it is because of this reason that some of the markets have not received the smartphone.

Nokia 6

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Here is the list of software changes on the international Nokia 6:

  1. Fix RF Card configuration error
  2. Not load FP driver when the device enter power off charging

Here is the list of hardware changes on the international Nokia 6:

  1. Add 2nd source battery, HE335
  2. Add 4G RAM / 64G ROM
  3. Change L6219 & R6210 to NC to improve WiFi mask performance
  4. Change L6220 to NC
  5. Change R711, R707, R2207 to Murata Bead board to optimize camera de-sense
  6. Change FPM to low voltage, add one diode + Low voltage FW to reduce FPM noise
  7. Speaker Box SUS material change from 304 to 430 to resolve static magnetic issue.
  8. Change coil material from FH5 to FH7 to improve coil heat resistant.

Here is the list of mechanical changes on the international Nokia 6:

  1. Rear cover, Increase the thickness of Rib to improve the Main Cam deviation
  2. Rear cover, Increase the chamfer to fit the change of battery tape
  3. Rear cover, Decrease the thickness to increase the gap between Battery and Rear Cover
  4. Camera Ring, modify the Rib of Camera Ring to avoid the interference
  5. A Cover, increase the mark of PLE
  6. Change front camera sponge to conductive sponge, to resolve defense issue
  7. Power Key: modify the key dimension to improve key feeling
  8. Rear cover, increase thickness of NFC pad
  9. Rear cover, increase thickness to resolve the front cam deviation issue
  10. Rear cover, modify the gap between rear cover & A cover to resolve assembly interference issue

Four variants of the Nokia 6 will be released in the near future. These variants will carry the model numbers such as TA-1025, TA-1039, TA-1021 and TA-1033. As it can be seen in the table below, the TA-1039 and TA-1033 are single-SIM models whereas the TA-1035 and TA-1021 are dual-SIM models. All these models carry support for different WCDMA and LTE bands. Only, TA-1025 and TA-1039 support HAC.

Nokia 6 international edition changes

As far as the U.S. launch of Nokia 6 is concerned, the smartphone will be made available early in the coming month. It will be available through Amazon with a price tag of $229. The retailer giant will be selling the phone in color choices like Matte Black and Silver. Tempered Blue and Copper color variants of Nokia 6 will be introduced later through the summer. It seems that the Arte Black variant may not be arriving in the U.S.

Since the U.S. will be getting the dual-SIM edition of Nokia 6, it will not be compatible with the CDMA networks of Sprint and Verizon. It carries partial support for AT&T 4G LTE bands. However, T-Mobile will fully support the Nokia 6.



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