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Xiaomi Reveals List of Devices Getting Android Nougat Update

by Zhen Wan 12

Xiaomi recently released new updates for MIUI. In addition to bringing new features to the phones, some devices have also gotten updated to a new Android version. Xiaomi says it plans to update a total of 14 devices to Android Nougat and has released a list containing eligible devices.

The Mi Note Pro, Mi 5, Mi 5s, Mi 5s Plus, Redmi 4X and Redmi Note 4X are among the fourteen devices said to have been updated or will be updated to Android Nougat.

Xiaomi Android 7.0 Update List

The list also mentions the devices that will get an upgrade to Android 7.1 or 7.1.1. Devices on this list are the Mi 6, Mi Max 2, Mi 5C and Redmi 4X.

Xiaomi is known to provide regular updates for MIUI but slow at upgrading them to new Android OS versions. If you are planning to get a Xiaomi phone, this list will help you decide which device to purchase especially if you care for software updates.

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Some devices are not on the list such as the original Redmi Note 4 and it is interesting to see that the Mi Note makes it to the list. If your device is not on the list, don’t lose hope yet. You may at least get MIUI 9 and have access to some features from Android 7.0.

All future Xiaomi devices are expected to come with Android 7.0 out of the box until Google releases Android 8.0.




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  • Zero

    Screw Xiaomi! Are you not updating the Redmi Note 3 Pro/Special Edition and you will update the Mi Note? Are you nuts?

    • jacksp

      Redmi 3S is not in that list either, although it was released in July 2016, so a mere year ago. Screw these lists, they prove nothing.

      • Zhen

        Fingers crossed that Xiaomi will listen to its customers and expand the device line-up of Android 7.0, we did find it unusual that the list did not include other later devices.

  • Jacob kipkangor

    My friend, Xiaomi mi6 ships with 7.1.1 out of the box!

    • Zhen

      The source image provides a sample of what Xiaomi is currently working on or have work on. We understand that there are Mi 6 devices with 7.1.1, the images and source have generalised the ‘parent’ android version of 7.1, including 7.1.1 in the group. Thank you for pointing this out though.

  • Expecting Redmi Note 3 too. It’s sad to see the device is not in the list.

  • AdamH

    Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 (SE or Global) was released with Marshmallow. Does it mean no Nougat for this device either?

    Where can I contact Xiaomi? I mean like real official Xiaomi, not their forums, they have nothing to do with real devs.

    • Mr.Flying Zoom3rz

      There are like thousands of Nougat roms for this phone on xda and 4pda forums.

  • Simon Pater

    Redmi 4 PRIME!?!?

  • imraan idrisi

    redmi 4 nd in which date miui 9 release


    plz reply…

    • Zhen

      Hey Imraan, we do not have verified sources that can provide solid evidence that the Redmi 4 will receive a Xiaomi approved MIUI update based on Android 7.0+. We will be reporting any updates on whether Xiaomi will change their list of Nougat run devices.