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Crazybaby Air wireless earphone review

by Shine Wong 13

crazybaby air

If you follow tech YouTubers you may have seen Unbox Therapy’s video of a really cool floating speaker last year. Well the company behind that crazy piece of gadgetry is back with a new set of truly wireless earphones that looks and sounds amazing. In fact, it sounds better than Apple’s AirPods.

Right out of the box the Air by Crazybaby feels and looks premium. The aluminum charging case feels very sturdy yet not heavy. Pop open the tray and the Air earphones present themselves in its full glory. Pairing with my smartphone took 30 seconds, and after that, the Air connects automatically every time thanks to the Bluetooth 4.2 technology. This is very important, as the Bragi Dash and Erato Apollo both suffered from dropped connections.

Crazybaby spent a year designing the Air, and it shows. The earphones fit very comfortably in the ear, and despite running and jumping, it never came close to falling out of my ear. If your ears are shaped differently, don’t worry — Crazybaby includes different sleeves for the Air, so it should fit everyone fine. This is the first wireless earphones to use carbon nanotube technology which explains why the Air feels so lightweight yet sturdy.

Crazybaby developed the Air with world-class acoustic labs and audio
engineers, and the result is immediately noticeable. The 5.2mm speaker driver stored inside pumped out super rich bass. In fact, this may be the best bass I’ve ever heard on an equipment this small. The highs and mids are crisp and clear too. Whether it was Beatles, K-Pop, or classical music, the Air pumped out uncanny sound that surpasses any other wireless earphones — Apple’s AirPod included. I think this has to do with the professional grade CSR chip that Crazybaby built into the Air.

Because of the Bluetooth 4.2 technology, the Air manage to stay connected to my iPhone during multiple listening sessions, both indoors and outdoors. Indoors, I can walk up to 20 feet away from the device before connection would break. There’s a microphone packed inside the Air with noise-isolation technology, and during test calls, the voice on the other end sounded loud and clear. I was told on the other end they could hear me fine too.

Battery life is also very good on the Air. A fully charged Air can play hi-fi music for four hours, and the charging case can add an additional two full charges.

Additionally, Crazybaby has developed its own app so you can customize the EQ on the fly. Overall, the Air by Crazybaby high quality and futuristic piece of equipment.

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  • Mike

    This company has stolen from the Indiegogo backers to sell to retail. Go to the campaign and read the comments. Do not support them. Awful company and the product is crap. Bluetooth drops all the time and sound quality is just ok. This whole company is a joke and a scam.

    • Brad Fry

      So the Forbes review is rubbish (or corrupted somehow)? That’s maybe hard to credit, but you clearly feel strongly about it. What’s your source?

    • Jared

      I am an early Indiegogo backer, and am eagerly awaiting mine. The company has kept up their updates and been very transparent about delays, which were largely due to their decision to use higher-grade parts than originally planned once the project brought in so much revenue. If they had spent all their time answering the trolls like Mike here, the product would have never got out, so they wisely picked their battles and let the updates speak for them. I stopped checking comments on the Indiegogo site because so many had given in to typical Internet rage culture. Just chill and wait for your earphones! Sounds like they are worth the wait!

      • JPBayArea

        I’m an Indiegogo early backer (end of 2016) and received my Air earbuds this week. They’re the best wireless earbuds I’ve used. Sound quality will never be as good as wired models IMHO, but they’re great for what they’ll likely be used for – working out, casual listening, etc. Worth it to me.

      • szeping chee

        Hi Jared, may you share more or any idea to make the microphone better because mine Air is having problem, people not able to hear me while I am on the call. Btw, I just received it yesterday.

    • Neil Looby

      The only problem with the company is 6 months of delays. Otherwise everything Jared stated is true. Any time I’ve had a legitimate question I’ve gotten a response nearly immediately.

      Do I have my earbuds yet? No. Do I have a firm timeline? Yes.

    • Adam Lamar

      With all due respect, this is exactly how products get started. You are not ordering Amazon Prime here – it’s an investment in return for which you receive the product before anyone else, and at a price that no one will have access to later unless buying preowned on eBay in a few more years. Of course they want to go retail. We paid a heavily discounted price and in doing so put up with the product delays while having access to information on how tooling and other production issues were being handled. I received mine yesterday finally. The only iffy connection is with my Surface Pro 3. Connection to my iphone 7+ is flawless. At first, even though the fit felt OK, I was not getting spectacular sound. Moved from small to medium size silicone inserts, and this was corrected 100%. Where fit felt fine before, it is perfect now; and the medium size was the trick to provide the necessary seal to deliver the best sound. Also, I did try sound editing with them, and on that scale, I have to go back to my larger over-the-ear Sony MDR headphones. These buds fall just short of the absolute noise cancelling and volume control needed, but wanted to see what the limits are. With respect to just listening to music, podcasts, etc without having something big clamped to your head, you cannot get any better than these! I have worn several hours with no pain such as what I get from any other ear insert product. The sport inserts while appreciated are completely unnecessary as the fit is perfect and even shaking my head around doesn’t dislodge – I’ve tried. In short – even given the long delays in production, I can only say from my end I have received my money’s worth and the wait was worth it. These are the best ear buds I have ever owned. Sorry your experience is different, but I cannot agree that this undertaking was a ‘joke’ or ‘scam’.

  • Michael Rawlins

    Well mine finally arrived. They look great, fit brilliantly and are easy to pair and operate. The bass is maybe too much and has to be dialled back or it sounds too woolly, but that’s an easy fix.
    There are major connectivity problems however. The left bud drives the right and they drop out constantly whenever there is too much background interference. As a result I can use them in open spaces, but can’t use them commuting or in built up areas. Left and Right just keep losing each other. Annoying and frustrating. They will probably end up gathering dust on a shelf somewhere unless Crazybaby has a fix.

  • Trung Tran

    I placed an order since last November (2016). It was promised to deliver in January-2017, I received mine on 14/08/17. The right ear bud constantly drop signal. I managed to pair them on the first try, the sound is great actually. However, the battery last 1.5 hours top, the charging process is not necessarily intuitive, and the guideline that comes with it is basically shit. I mean the information on it is so poor that you don’t even need it. What you actually need is not there, like how are you supposed to charge them? What is the purpose of the charging tube if you can’t charge them without a electricity connection (when they said the tube contains two extra charges when it is fully charged). It never works for me. And I can’t even connect them to my laptop while all the other Bluetooth devices that I have work quite great.

    What makes it even worse is their customer service, which I think is non-existence. I contacted them several times just to received a stupid automated reply response. So, no help from them. I got angry and demanded a refund from both Crazybaby and Indiegogo (their supporting platform). And surprise surprise, no response from both.

    Bottom line: Please stay away from them, you will save the time, money and your frustration.

  • John Coats

    After waiting a year to get these “perfected”, the sound is indeed awesome. The right earpiece constantly goes off and on, a nusence to say the least. After an hour or so, it goes out completely. I feel ripped off to say the least and need money back or replacements

  • Julian Freeman

    They just dont work outdoors as stereo speakers. The customer service is completely non-existent. Clearly I threw money away on what I hoped would be a good product. Sadly not!

  • Shawn Spencer

    The look of the air buds are great! But that’s we’re anything good ends! The right ear bud drops steadily and is impossible to listen too. I’ve tried crazy baby support and asked for repair or replacement, but all they reply is:

    “In practice, all Bluetooth device (even mono headset) will in some conditions give slight connection problems. Ordinarily in our day to day equipments we don’t noticed as it is not streaming music in our ears. However, the sound may cutout temporarily if the connections is lost for longer than the earbud’s buffer can compensate for. We have seen that the earbuds will work better with some phone models than others, depending on how well that music player’s antenna was designed.

    For an optimal listening experience, please reduce the object in between your left earbud and music player. As bluetooth signals do not cross through the body. It is also important to minimize interfering objects between the bud themselves.”

    I’ve tried these with iPhone 7 and Samsung 5 and it doesn’t help.

    So can’t return them, can’t get them fixed, basically told to hold phone beside ear bud. May as well play music from my phone then.

    DON’T BUY!

  • Brandon Bos

    I bought these earphones cause I needed earphones without wires cause I always break them. So I saw these earphones and they were cheaper then the other wireless earphones. So I bought these. My friend told me to wait till the technology of wireless earphones are well developed. But I was to dumb to not listen to him. I tried to connect them with my phone, but if I played a song, there was no sound coming out of my earphones, but the sound was coming out of my speakers from my phone, I also tried to connect with other phones from my friends and then I had the same problem. I tried it on my laptop and it had no problems with connection. The sound is good, the bass is good too. But sometimes I lost connection with my right earphone it doesn’t really bother me but the fact I can’t play music on my phone that annoyes me. If I walk like only 1 meter away or maybe less from my laptop I sometimes lose connection. I think the battery life is less than 3 hours. But the design and the fit of the earphones are good. I basically just threw 150 euros away for these crappy earphones.

    My advise is: DON’T BUY THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!