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Sony Plans To Release 3 New Walkman Later This Year

by Habeeb Onawole 12

A long time ago, if you owned a Sony Walkman, you were a cool kid or probably the coolest kid on the block. Then the iPod came and it changed the way we listened to music, killing all other portable music players.

Sony kept the Walkman name by including it in some of its smartphones when it still partnered with Ericsson. The Walkman series is still alive as Sony has now fully embraced digital music.

Sony Walkman NW-A35

The Japanese company has released a number of digital audio devices under the name and even a pair of bluetooth earphones. This year Sony launched the NW-A35 Walkman, a portable Hi-Res digital player that fits into your pocket. New reports says it is adding three more later this year.

The new Walkmans are the NW-A45, NW-A46, and the NW-A47. All three of them have passed through the FCC already.

The FCC sheet doesn’t reveal much but the main difference among the three is the built-in storage. The A45 will have 16GB, the A46 doubles that to 32GB, and the A47 maxes out at 64GB. So, if you say the A45 is the base model and the other two are only storage variants, you are correct.

Sony Walkman NW-A45

Another info the source revealed is that the new models will feature bigger batteries than the NW-A35 released in February. For your information, the A35 has 45 hrs of playback time. The NW-A35 also comes with NFC and Bluetooth for connectivity, so expect them in the new models too.

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Sine all three have made it past the FCC, we should expect a launch soon.


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  • Muhammad Yasir

    fuckers !

    i thought they were phones !

    • NextHype

      it would be a damn ugly phone

      • Muhammad Yasir

        optimism , my friend , OPTIMISM !

  • NextHype

    Yeah. Let’s buy another device to do what my phone already does. Rich idea.

    • Raul

      It does not. Your phone cannot play music with the high quality of these walkmans.

      • NextHype

        Nice try but I got a LG V10 with Sabre ESSAY DAC and amp.
        You can easily find reviews saying it has better sound then Sony ZX2.

        • Raul

          You can find anything in the internet that suits your opinion. Remember those adds from the TV? “The internet says it is true, so it is?” Same here.

          Even so. How many smartphones in the market are (or pretend to be as you noted) on par with hifi audio?

          • NextHype

            I don’t know how many smartphones pretend to be on par with hifi audio, and tbh that’s not the problem.

            LG put a Sabre ES9018 in their V10 device, and this DAC surely is audiophile grade. Please take time to read about it before saying “you can read anything on the internet” because it’s this kind of lazyness and short-sighted behavior that leads to poor content on the web.

            Thank you in advance.

          • LilHammer

            Maybe you should restate your original post. You said “Let’s buy another device…” Since you don’t know how to speak/write, or you’re assuming to speak for the masses – which is clearly what you were doing by the context of your statement. 99.9% of the people out there don’t have your phone. So, yes. Let us buy a HiRes digital audio device like the Sony Walkman and you can keep quiet about your V10 since we don’t have one, and don’t care about your LG phone.

          • NextHype

            You’re right, I made a poor choice of words. But other phones have DAC too. V10 isn’t the only one and I’m not the only consumer in this situation, even if it seems you’re not. My point was : instead of buying a smartphone and a Walkman, it seems reasonable to buy a phone with a DAC inside 😄

          • LilHammer

            What I think would be great is, if more manufacturers realized audio quality is more important than they care to invest in the devices the sell.

            How did we go from vinyl, to cassette, to CD – all while extolling the quality improvement of each transition – to suddenly being OK with 128 Kbps – 320 Kbps lossy audio? Or downloading entire digital albums in 320 Kbps? Sure, who cares if their ringtone isn’t HD audio. But how did we allow manufacturers to get away with this… selling us lower quality for almost the same price?

            We stop going to restaurants if we pay the same or more for lousy food but we have accepted absolutely horrible sound quality in exchange for being able to access it anywhere.

            I think it would be great if all phones had at least the sound quality of the V10 – I’m envious you get to enjoy that. I have an iPhone 7 for work, and I don’t want to carry around a personal phone in addition to that. If my phone was my choice, I would look at the V10 or other LG with better DAC. I do think these standalone HiRes players need to succeed in order for that tech to trickle down to other portable electronics everywhere – for manufacturers to see we’re tired of crappy audio. It would be nice if the V10 could help accomplish that but, not being a Galaxy or iPhone, it will probably never reach the kind of sales numbers to send that message.

            I am glad for you though, and hope you thoroughly enjoy your phone. The next question is, what headphones do you use with it?

          • NextHype

            I can’t agree with you more, audio quality should be on the top list of phone companies preoccupation.

            Phones with DAC are too rare on the market right now. On the sub $500 bracket, LG G6 only version with a DAC is Asian one and One+5t seems to have a low grade, untuned QC DAC. We won’t even mention Xiaomi devices or other Chinese brands that don’t care about sound quality. Seems I’m stuck with my V10 for another year, waiting for V30 price to fall under $500.

            As for my setting, I’m a big fan of Japanese hardware when it comes to sound rendering.

            I got a pair of Yamaha HS-80, and an Audio Technica ATH-M50x for my home studio, and I use Audio Technica CKR70iS with my V10 on the go.

            Most of the music I put on my V10 is FLAC, but when I can’t get my hands on a FLAC version I get 320kbps mp3.

            I heard iPhones had great sound quality, but you seem disappointed. Why is that?