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Sony Plans To Release 3 New Walkman Later This Year

by Habeeb Onawole 8

A long time ago, if you owned a Sony Walkman, you were a cool kid or probably the coolest kid on the block. Then the iPod came and it changed the way we listened to music, killing all other portable music players.

Sony kept the Walkman name by including it in some of its smartphones when it still partnered with Ericsson. The Walkman series is still alive as Sony has now fully embraced digital music.

Sony Walkman NW-A35

The Japanese company has released a number of digital audio devices under the name and even a pair of bluetooth earphones. This year Sony launched the NW-A35 Walkman, a portable Hi-Res digital player that fits into your pocket. New reports says it is adding three more later this year.

The new Walkmans are the NW-A45, NW-A46, and the NW-A47. All three of them have passed through the FCC already.

The FCC sheet doesn’t reveal much but the main difference among the three is the built-in storage. The A45 will have 16GB, the A46 doubles that to 32GB, and the A47 maxes out at 64GB. So, if you say the A45 is the base model and the other two are only storage variants, you are correct.

Sony Walkman NW-A45

Another info the source revealed is that the new models will feature bigger batteries than the NW-A35 released in February. For your information, the A35 has 45 hrs of playback time. The NW-A35 also comes with NFC and Bluetooth for connectivity, so expect them in the new models too.

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Sine all three have made it past the FCC, we should expect a launch soon.


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  • Muhammad Yasir

    fuckers !

    i thought they were phones !

    • NextHype

      it would be a damn ugly phone

      • Muhammad Yasir

        optimism , my friend , OPTIMISM !

  • NextHype

    Yeah. Let’s buy another device to do what my phone already does. Rich idea.

    • Raul

      It does not. Your phone cannot play music with the high quality of these walkmans.

      • NextHype

        Nice try but I got a LG V10 with Sabre ESSAY DAC and amp.
        You can easily find reviews saying it has better sound then Sony ZX2.

        • Raul

          You can find anything in the internet that suits your opinion. Remember those adds from the TV? “The internet says it is true, so it is?” Same here.

          Even so. How many smartphones in the market are (or pretend to be as you noted) on par with hifi audio?

          • NextHype

            I don’t know how many smartphones pretend to be on par with hifi audio, and tbh that’s not the problem.

            LG put a Sabre ES9018 in their V10 device, and this DAC surely is audiophile grade. Please take time to read about it before saying “you can read anything on the internet” because it’s this kind of lazyness and short-sighted behavior that leads to poor content on the web.

            Thank you in advance.