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Helio X30 Powered Meizu Pro 7 Benchmarked On AnTuTu

by Habeeb Onawole 20

We are all eager to see how the Helio X30 performs since its debut in the Meizu Pro 7 and Pro 7 Plus. The first of the benchmark results have been released online by a Weibo user.

The 4GB RAM Helio X30 Pro 7 was benchmarked on AnTuTu and the results are interesting. The device scored 141982 points on the app, putting it just behind the Snapdragon 821-powered Mi Note 2 and Mi MIX; and the Kirin 960 powered Huawei Mate 9.

Helio X30 Meizu Pro 7 AnTuTu

If  you are looking for the most powerful device out there, then the Meizu Pro 7 isn’t the device you should get but it will be unfair to undermine the work Mediatek has put into this new chip.

If you own a Snapdragon 821 powered-phone or one powered by the Kirin 960, then you will know it is more than sufficient to run any app you throw at it. Seeing Mediatek’s new chip rank among these two SoCs is no small feat.

The Helio X30 is their first truly high-end chip and hopefully subsequent ones will be better. But will they be able to catch up to Qualcomm and Samsung, not likely. Next year, Qualcomm is moving to 7nm chips and Samsung will be jumping to 8nm first before the move to 7nm in H2 2018. If Mediatek is still behind these two with its 10nm chip, it won’t catch up with them with their next generation chip unless a miracle happens.

Meizu Pro 7 AnTuTu

The Helio X30 will be nice as a chip for high-end mid range phones but not for flagship devices. We expect it to show up in more devices before the year runs out.

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Built on the 10nm architecture, the Helio X30 has 10-cores. It brings a performance increase of 240% and a decrease in power consumption by 60% compared to last generation chips. It also has an improved graphics performance thanks to its PowerVR GPU.




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  • Zero

    Actually the Helio X30 IS a perfect option as a flagship phone. Finally Mediatek did it and they need Power VR to succeed.

    It smashes hard the 660 and the difference between the 835 and this one is not that brutal.

    Now wondering if someone else gets this chip… It could be perfect for an Sony phone.

    And finally… How useful is it on emulation?

    • Plumplum

      Agree that PowerVR is a good choice but…

      In fact, on detailled score, you see UX/CPU/RAM are nearly the same as SD835
      X30 lost more than 30.000points on 3D…lost points are related to PowerVR…(even if it’s more than twice better than T880mp4)

      But that’s shitty 3D benchmarks!
      Testing nearly only texturing units and forget Geometry, CPU usage in-game and throtling when both CPU and GPU are running together…
      For exemple, Mali450mp6 (Amlogic S812) gets better scores than MaliT760mp2…In real games T760 is far far better

      3D Benchmarks will say Snapdragon is 80% faster, but at the end I bet framerate in real games will be maybe only 15 or 20% (hope testers will use GameBench on real game instead of crappy benchmarks)

      • GameBenchJake

        We hope they use GameBench too! 😉

    • Gousgounis

      The thing I like about Mediatek chips is the stable performance, for the right price.
      Yes Snapdragon is faster but on stress tests when it heats up it drops performace (remember the overheating issues with redmi 1s or mi 4 xiaomi devices).
      I’d prefer a cool, efficient CPU not only for everyday use but also for gaming.

    • AtereJr

      Did what? They were barely able to beat the over a year old SD820 processor with this much less of the SD821 and if I remember well, b4 the launch of the Helio X30, its rival was to be the SD835 and Kirin 960.
      Mark my words Mediatek will keep on playing catch with SDs and I can promise u that their next flagship Helio will find it difficult outperforming the SD835.

      • Zero

        Actually Qualcomm FAILED HARD to impress people and to defeat the previous generation… the improvement is way less than 10%. Mediatek on the other hand managed to get over 60% improvement compared to the previous one according to Antutu in both cases.

        Snapdragon 821 is still near them and even the Exynos managed to defeat them. Qualcomm did a total lackluster generation that it cost them hard now.

        And if they are like that, is matter of time that Mediatek, Huawei and Samsung will manage to defeat them.

        • AtereJr

          Naturally u tend to see degredation at some point when it comes to technology esp when what is to be improved is already great and that’s what happened with the previous SDs and the current ones.
          I do agree with the fact that with time Mediatek will catch up to them. My fear is won’t happen soon enough.

  • Stiffmah

    The thing I care more about the question: How efficient is this chip?

    If this chip has the performance of a Snapdragon 821 with better efficienty I think it’s a great choise.

  • LifelessNewt

    Still a generation behind Qualcomm…

    • Zero

      Considerign that SD 821 is not so far from 835… I am not sure… 10 nm was a bad desicion for all then.

  • roni

    the series helio x30, should have helio x35 with MP8 GPU
    they should make a few of helio x35 and try them out, get antutu score and single and multi core score, and then decide maybe to add an extra two A73 cores, most probably they will not need to, because the change will be minimal

  • Raul Lares

    Yo la verdad me siento muy comodo con lo que me ha ofrecido mi Nomu S30 mini, lo conseguí a tan solo 120$ y despues de 2 meses de uso me siento extremadamente contenta de haber conseguido un telefono tan bueno

  • Saku

    It looks promising, aside from its 3D capability. Snapdragon 820 even beats it at that aspect. But I won’t put it down just because of that, I hope there would be more of this x30 in future brands, not as expensive as Meizu’s.

  • Weng

    Not on par in beñchy but in real life performance it should perform as fast as sd82x or maybe as sd835.. deserve ‘wow’

  • androwin

    I think next year X40 will be on par with SD845 (or whatever it’s called) or even beat it if it builds on 7nm which will be cooler and more efficient.

    X50 will surely beat Snapdragon in 2019/20. Mediatek is advancing faster and that’s good for us consumers because competition is good.

  • Tommi

    140K from MediaTek, that is quite nice. Usually they are around 100K or much less.

    Next year aim for 200K!

  • Karoon

    I think the result is great for MediaTek. If this CPU is comparable to the SD820/821 in terms of power and is more energy efficient and heat resistant, it’s a win for MTK. I doubt that they will move to 7nm next year though. The adoption rate of Helio X30 is ridiculously low and they’ve lost a lot of money due to the lack of interest for their chip. Investing in 7nm would be overkill

  • li s.

    I prefer the x30 over the SD835, SD820/821 or the Exynos8895. Antutu bench mark is pretty flawed if one were to compare it to actual usage. Those numbers that the SDs and Exynos will never retain the same values when ur playing a game for longer periods because it will throttle down and just burn your battery life to smithereens while the x30 is built for sustained performance with the key being very energy efficient. Most games are single threaded in nature so burning 4 cores @ full speed is such a waste of battery life. The background tasks are already handled by the smaller cores anyways so you don’t really need 4 big cores 2 is enough. The GPU on the SD and the Exynos aren’t very efficient and produces a lot of heat so on actual long term gaming, it just throttles down too almost half of their performance. I would rather have mediatek’s solution. because it is not a big chip so it will rarely throttle down so the performance will remain consistent. The only sad thing is that I feel mediatek will end up with a 12 core design next just to appease benchmarks and sacrifice energy efficiency because they have to play the benchmarking game so people will think their chips are good too.

  • fido futte

    Ok but how stable and how compatible with Google app is it ?? and how hot does it get in burn-in test ?

  • Asteroid

    Numbers, only numbers…