Helio X30 Powered Meizu Pro 7 Benchmarked On AnTuTu

by Habeeb Onawole 20

We are all eager to see how the Helio X30 performs since its debut in the Meizu Pro 7 and Pro 7 Plus. The first of the benchmark results have been released online by a Weibo user.

The 4GB RAM Helio X30 Pro 7 was benchmarked on AnTuTu and the results are interesting. The device scored 141982 points on the app, putting it just behind the Snapdragon 821-powered Mi Note 2 and Mi MIX; and the Kirin 960 powered Huawei Mate 9.

Helio X30 Meizu Pro 7 AnTuTu

If  you are looking for the most powerful device out there, then the Meizu Pro 7 isn’t the device you should get but it will be unfair to undermine the work Mediatek has put into this new chip.

If you own a Snapdragon 821 powered-phone or one powered by the Kirin 960, then you will know it is more than sufficient to run any app you throw at it. Seeing Mediatek’s new chip rank among these two SoCs is no small feat.

The Helio X30 is their first truly high-end chip and hopefully subsequent ones will be better. But will they be able to catch up to Qualcomm and Samsung, not likely. Next year, Qualcomm is moving to 7nm chips and Samsung will be jumping to 8nm first before the move to 7nm in H2 2018. If Mediatek is still behind these two with its 10nm chip, it won’t catch up with them with their next generation chip unless a miracle happens.

Meizu Pro 7 AnTuTu

The Helio X30 will be nice as a chip for high-end mid range phones but not for flagship devices. We expect it to show up in more devices before the year runs out.

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Built on the 10nm architecture, the Helio X30 has 10-cores. It brings a performance increase of 240% and a decrease in power consumption by 60% compared to last generation chips. It also has an improved graphics performance thanks to its PowerVR GPU.