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Alleged Official LG V30 Renders Leaked Revealing Sleek Design

by Jed John 7

LG is set to unveil the LG V30 flagship smartphone on August 31 and a launch poster for that date is already out. As the date draws closer, it is expected that regular leaks and renders of the device would appear online every now and then. One of such renders of the V30 has surfaced in an introductory video but this one appears to be an official video of the V30.LG V30

With the appearance of the LG logo at the end of the video and the title suggesting that it is an introductory video of the V30, the design is thus likely the real design of the V30. The video was posted on YouTube by Concept Creator which is known for fan-generated renders of unannounced phones. Their renders most times end up being the concept of their imagination. We can’t say that for sure in this case because the render matches up with a previously leaked photo purported to be the real V30.

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The video shows the device from all angles and captures the absence of a secondary display on the front panel just as earlier rumoured. The renders also show a dual camera setup at the rear with LED flash as well as what looks like laser autofocus. There is also a rear mounted fingerprint sensor under the dual cameras. The renders sees the V30 written at the bottom part of back cover, different from an earlier leak which shows there’ll be a change with “LG” written instead.The specifications of the V30 are still sketchy as of this moment but the device is tipped to pack a 5.7-inch display with QHD resolution and an 18: 9 aspect ratio. The device is also expected to come with 6GB of RAM and powered by the Snapdragon 835 chip. The interface is expected to be provided by LG UI based on Android 7.1.1 Nougat.

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  • V20 was a dumpster fire which nobody seemed to notice.
    Let’s see what LG change with the V30…

    • Wyatt

      Dumpster fire how? I owned the v10 and currently own the v20. Love it. Far from any fire in my opinion.

      • In the Middle East region it never worked out. Had so many issues with the user-interface itself that people demanded refunds.
        Situation got so messy they paused selling them.
        I’d have loved to get my hands on one for cheap… but they phased it out immediately – only on sale for a month or so. Not being sold by carriers anymore.

      • Also, it had multiple storage issues, especially with backup and recovery.
        My friend upgraded from the V10… an OTA update made him lose all his data, unable to recover contacts, messages, and important documents and apparently he wasn’t the only one. Neither LG nor the carriers were able to help so they provided a trade-in for the G6 later on.

  • FedUp

    This is just a beefed up G6. If this is all that they are going to do with the V series, what’s the point? Possibly, the release of this phone has to do with disappointing sales of the G6. So, LG finally designed the phone that they should have released back in March (the G6 was rushed and thus the SD 835 was not available). I’m continually baffled by some of the decisions made by technology companies. I like my G6, but it will take more than this to steer me to an upgrade. Of, course we can’t be sure of the legitimacy of this video anyway.

    • Toxic Waste

      isnt every successor a beefed up version of the successor? What the fuck is your point? It will have a newer SOC, newer cameras, OLED screen, 7.1 etc

      • FedUp

        The V series up until now has been unique from the G series. Now, the better specs notwithstanding, the two LG flagships are becoming one design. The V taking cues from the G. I simply liked how the V10 and V20 brought different things to the table. Besides, the V30 isn’t the successor to the G6.That’s my fucking point!