Head of UX At Essential Joins Google Home

by Habeeb Onawole 0

Essential is a new company owned by Android co-founder, Andy Rubin. Back in May, it announced its first smartphone, the Essential PH-1 which should have started shipping to buyers but still hasn’t.

Since the announcement of the PH-1, two top executives have left the company causing people to wonder if there is something wrong. Latest report says another executive has taken up a new job at Google.

Liron Damir, Head of UX at Essential and Google Home
Liron Damir, Head of UX at Essential and Google Home

Liron Damir currently holds the position of Head of UX at Essential. His LinkedIn page shows he now holds the same position at Google Home. It doesn’t say he has left Essential as it is still written as its current employment alongside his new position at Google.

Before Liron Damir joined Essential in April of this year, he was VP of Design at Pebble. He has also worked for LG and HP, heading the webOS team in both companies.

Andy Fouché and Brian Wallace who held the posts of Head of Communications and Vice-President of Marketing respectively at Essential left following the announcement of the phone. It is unclear if Mr. Damir is leaving too or if he’s still there since his LinkedIn page says the latter.

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Losing two (or three) key executives in a span of two months isn’t the kind of attention you want to be getting irrespective of how old your company is. It is a sign that something is wrong somewhere and Andy Rubin better fix it fast if he doesn’t want more people to leave.

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