Speed Test: Xiaomi Mi 6 Running MIUI 9 Vs Samsung Galaxy S8 Vs Huawei P10

by Habeeb Onawole 4

Last week Xiaomi unveiled MIUI 9, the latest version of its custom ROM. Bringing a number of new features, one of the key upgrades to the OS is its speedy application launch time. Xiaomi is really confident of what it has achieved with the app launch time that it decided to pit it against the Huawei P10 and Samsung Galaxy S8.

Speed test MIUI 9

All three phones had multiple apps installed from the same store on them and the test was carried out under a controlled environment. At the end of the day, the Xiaomi Mi 6 came out on top with 43 apps launching fastest. The Galaxy S8 (Samsung Experience) came in second with 4 apps and the Huawei P10 (EMUI 5.1) was third with 3 apps.

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Xiaomi says MIUI 9 adopts optimized haptic feedback and thread scheduling to allow it to be super responsive.

The MIUI 9 update will roll out in batches starting with the Mi 6, Mi 5X and Redmi Note 4X on August 21.