Zhimi Teases Air Conditioner Launching On August 10

by Habeeb Onawole 0

Zhimi isn’t a brand most people are familiar with but I’m sure you have heard of their products before but under a different name. The Mi Air Purifiers. Yes, Zhimi is the company behind Xiaomi’s Mi Air Purifiers, just as 1More is behind the Xiaomi Piston earphones and Huami makes the Mi Band.

Zhimi Air Conditioner

It is not unusual to see some of these companies release products under their own names like the Amazfit Smartwatch. Zhimi just teased a new product set for an August 10 launch and we think it is an air conditioner.

The teaser shows a temperature reading along with a fan icon and a meter that shows the speed of air flow. These hints point at an air-conditioning unit.

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There is no detail about the design and pricing of the Zhimi Air Conditioner, so we will have to wait till Thursday to find out. The event will hold in Beijing and will begin at 1400hrs (Beijing local time).