Korean Operator KT Olleh Advertises 256GB Galaxy Note8

by Habeeb Onawole 1

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note8 last week at an event in New York. The US variant comes with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of built-in storage but other markets will get either the 128GB or 256GB variants as well. Samsung’s home country belongs to the category getting the 256GB model.

KT Olleh is a Korean carrier and its pre-order page for the Galaxy Note8 is already live. The section that talks about the pre-order gifts is the first place you see them mention a 256GB variant. You will also see the variant mentioned in the specs at the bottom of the page.

Galaxy Note8 KT Olleh

Those who pre-order the 256GB model will get an AKG Bluetooth speaker or a Nemonic Printer while those who go for the 64GB version will get a KW 100,000 (∼$89) coupon off original Samsung accessories purchased. Both versions will be available in Deep Sea Blue and Midnight Black.

The page doesn’t mention the retail price of any of the variants though. However, you can sign up for a SMS notification alert when the pre-order begins on September 9. It will run through till 14th, so if you live in South Korea and want any of the cool pre-order gifts, hurry and sign up.

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The Galaxy Note 8 is Samsung’s first dual camera smartphone. The cameras and the S-Pen are the key differences between this and the Galaxy S8+. But if you don’t own the latter, then buying the Galaxy Note8 is a good choice.

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