UHANS Max 2 with Huge 6.44 Screen Coming Soon to Deliver Amazing Gaming Experience

by Anvinraj Valiyathara 2

UHANS is now working on a phablet device that will be featuring a 6.44-inch display. This phablet that is expected to launch as UHANS Max 2 will be deliver a comfortable experience for watching videos. The huge screen is also expected to deliver amazing gaming experience.

The 6.44-inch display of the UHANS Max 2 will be supporting full HD resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels with impressive color depth and sharp graphics. The Chinese manufacturer has released a video that shows how exciting the gaming experience will be on the UHANS Max 2.

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It goes without saying that a huge screen offers a marvelous viewing experience. As it can be seen in the above video, the handset spots slim bezels on its sides. It provides enough space for hands to hold the device comfortably while playing a game on it. So, whether a user want to play car racing game or multiplayer combat or augmented reality game like Pokemon GO, the UHANS Max 2 with its huge display will provide users with satisfying gaming experience.

Another advantage of having a huge screen smartphone for people who like playing games is that it can provide good view of the incoming scene which in turn will allow users to play the game all the more strategically. There won’t be any annoying instances like blocking the gaming screen with control panel or hands.

UHANS Max 2 will be featuring 4 GB of RAM that will ensure that not games run smoothly on the device. To sum it up, the 6.44-inch UHANS Max 2 is designed mainly for gamers who wish to have the best gaming experience on a smartphone. The smartphone is slated to release in the coming month.

For more information about the pricing of the UHANS Max 2 or promotional offers, readers can visit the official site.