Azdome reveals another surprising detail of DAB211 – over speed warning

by Linus 0

Azdome DAB211 seems to have been the focus of Chinese manufacturer and consumers around the world since it was officially launched with the characteristic of Ambarella A12 chip, multi-function, and multi-usage. Based on the previous news of DAB211 published by Azdome, it is known to all that DAB211 has featured severally at its built-in GPS as well as its HDR, but the advantage of DAB211 is far more than these, today Azdome also revealed a surprise detail of the DAB211, that’s over speed warning, so what’s the function of it? Read on and find out what you need to know about over speed warning.


The speed warning function can help you keep below a pre-set maximum speed. It will warn you if the vehicle exceeds the pre-set maximum speed. There are 7 options of speed limit can be set, 70km/h, 80km/h, 90km/h, 100km/h, 110km/h, 120km/h, 140km/h, you can choose the speed limit as needed, the system will give an audible warning signal if the vehicle exceeds the pre-set maximum speed, a warning symbol will also appear on the screen display. 

Further details which have also emerged shows the powerful function of DAB211, you may take a look at the previous news about Azdome DAB211 for more details. Expecting more surprises about DAB211 ahead, please continue to focus on Azdome news.

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