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Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro Announced With 15.6-inch Screen & 8th Gen. Core i7

by Joe 13

Xiaomi has unveiled the brand new Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro laptop at the Mi Mix launch event today. The laptop comes with the latest 8th Generation Core i7 processor, trying to take over the high-end market.

Mi Notebook Pro hero

The Mi Notebook Pro continues to feature a minimalistic design, but now the laptop is sturdier than before. The company has used a magnesium alloy frame to increase the strength and Xiaomi was kind enough to show us how the laptop came out undamaged even with ninebot going over it multiple times.

Mi Notebook Pro cooling

There’s one color option available — dark gray, which looks pretty good. It weighs 1.95kgs, which isn’t too light but quite manageable. The design has a few upgrades internally, with a special cooling system featuring larger heat pipes and sinks, expanded fans, thereby making sure that the laptop temperature is controlled at all times.

Mi Notebook Pro specs

As for the specs, the Mi Notebook Pro comes in three different variants. There’s a Core i7 (8th Gen) model clocked up to 4GHz along with 16GB of RAM, another Core i7 model but with a smaller 8GB RAM module and finally a less powerful Core i5 variant with 8GB RAM. Note that these are DDR4 dual Channel memory. Also, the laptop features a 256GB PCIe SSD. There’s a dedicated NVIDIA GeForce MX150 graphics card as well.

Mi Notebook Pro weight

The Mi Notebook Pro comes with a large 15.6-inch screen with Gorilla Glass 3 protection and 6.52mm narrow bezels on the sides. Other features of the Mi Notebook Pro include a full-size keyboard and fingerprint unlock.

The top end variant of the laptop with Core i7 + 16GB RAM will sell for 6999 Yuan ($1076). The other two variants with Core i7+ 8GB RAM and Core i5 + 8GB RAM will sell for 6399 Yuan ($984) and 5599 Yuan ($860) respectively.

Mi Notebook pro hero 2 Mi Notebook Pro ports Mi Notebook Pro design

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  • How I wished they’d given this a proper video card.
    What am I supposed to do with this? Sit around at Starbucks doing some webbrowsing?
    I could’ve done that with a 13″ one or my damn phone.
    Macbook Pro is popular with creative people, because it’s great e.g. for video editing.

    • NextHype

      Yup… there is a comparison between MX 150 and last year 940MX on notebookcheck d0t net.
      It appears the performance bump lays between 10% and 40% from an app to another.
      MX 150 should have been used only on the i5 version, and something more solid perf-wise on the two i7 versions.

      Damn Xiaomi got it all wrong in 2017…

      Cheap Mix 2 with f/2.0 cam and no jack
      Note 3 without SD and international LTE
      and now their Notebook Pro i7 + cheap Nvidia MX 150

      • I buy all the random Xiaomi lifestyle accessories, lol.
        But they’re not really convincing me to get one of their ‘smarter’ products.
        It’s a bit all ‘almost, but no cigar’.
        But you know, I’m not giving them money for good effort. They’ll need to bring it to win it.

    • quodvadis

      apparently only video editors use laptop for works. uh huh.

      • ch2856

        No, but if it’s no good for that, you have tons of other good option with a better battery life and lite weight.

        • quodvadis

          at $860? like what?

  • Sansa

    Went to see some laptops these days. Except for a HP and the Macs, all of them had enormous bezels around the screen. Looks like while phone displays are developing at a much greater rate, laptop ones are stale or almost stale. Looks like their are getting a lesson from Xiaomi. Pitty, they don’t ship with other keyboards other than chinese and english… This seems a great laptop!

    • Rattrap

      Dell xps was the first to introduce small bezels. That was years ago.

      Maybe your country doesn’t see a great deal of current models.

      • Sansa

        Well, i saw there a lot of 1000+€, i would expect laptops on that price range to have better than old style displays.

        • Rattrap

          That’s fine. Honestly I thought by now we would have flying cars. It’s one thing to compare a computer to its rivals it’s another to compare it to hypothetical devices.

    • Konstantin

      Dell XPS. Lenovo X1 Carbon.

      PS: Which HP is good?

      • Sansa

        HP Envy.

  • Vincent Fong

    Can we upgrade the ram from 8g to 16gb later on personally?