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Meizu M6 Images Leaked, Has Same Features As The M5

by Habeeb Onawole 4

Almost a year ago, the budget Meizu M5 was announced. It came with a larger screen than its predecessor, the M3, but kept the processor and a bunch of other features. Images of the Meizu M6 have been posted on Weibo by leaker @Old Technology (@老爆科技) and they also reveal the specs of the device which to be honest is exactly the same as that of the M5.

The pictures of the phone show CPU-Z running, revealing the specs of the device. The M6 is revealed to be powered by the same MediaTek MT6750 octa-core SoC that powers the M5. The M6 also keeps the 5.2-inch display with its 720 x 1280 resolution.

The Meizu M6 packs 3GB of RAM and 32GB of built-in storage. The M5 has a 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM variant too, so we should expect the same for the M6.

Since the M6 and M5 are basically the same, what has chnged? First, the design. The M6, based on these images will ditch the black front that was present in the M5 for a white one. To be fair, I think this is a bad idea.

Another visible change is the position of the sensor and camera. Their positions have been swapped in the M6 and the camera sensor looks bigger. So we can presume the camera configuration will at least be different.

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Although we can’t see the rear of the phone, sources say that is where the biggest change lies. Instead of a plastic unibody design, the Meizu M6 will have a metal one.

There is no news about when the Meizu M6 will launch but when it does, it is expected to take on Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 5A.

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  • Zero

    Meizu going retarded once again…

    • z4ck

      Flagships are not the only market. The low-end market is interesting too.
      Meizu has been providing bests smartphones in mt675x tiers with reasonable prices.
      Honestly, I was thinking of buying meizu m5 for one of my test devices.

      • Ionut Johnny

        Repetition, similar to m5, m5s, m5s plus or whatever. If they would least change the design slightly just to make things spicy, add some of those fancy leds on the back, a red colour, more lte BANDS, make it FHD, anything new. To be honest it’s still miles better than the new iPhone.

  • Ionut Johnny

    Useless, would be a good phone if they would sell it a bit over 50 € otherwise this phone shouldn’t see the light of the day.