New Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner Hits Sept. 19, Image Leaks in Latest Video Teaser

by Jed John 3

Xiaomi will be launching its new Mi Robot Vacuum cleaner 2 tomorrow via its MIJIA smart home platform. The new robotic home vacuum cleaner is the second generation model of the Mi Vacuum cleaner which they unleashed around August last year with some stunning features and affordable price tag. Talking about the features of this new model, Xiaomi is yet to let the cat out of the bag but a recent video teaser shared on the MIJIA App’s Weibo page has given us a peek at the design which suggested a couple of new features may be joining the fray.xiaomi mi robot vacuum cleaner 2

The video is that of the new robotic cleaner and it looks like it has a camera mounted on its back. The camera captures how the cleaner functions and in the process reveals the front part of the smart home gadget. Although we could only see a tiny fraction of the body, one vital aspect we could grab is the presence of an additional control button. The first-gen Mi Vacuum cleaner has only two control button, the power button, and a second one. But this time around, there are three buttons aligned horizontally and wide apart. The power button is in the middle and it has LED light under it which lights up the power button when the vacuum is energized. We can’t say for sure what the other two buttons do but one has a power adaptor plug sign on it and could be to start the charging process and may indicate when it is fully charged or charging is in progress. Of course, most of the functions of the gadget will be controlled by a smartphone app.

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As a reminder, the first-gen Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum cleaner comes with a low-noise brushless fan supplied by the Japanese firm, NIDEC. The fan has a maximum pressure of 1800Pa which provides greater suction power when dealing with tough dirt. It sports three dedicated processors which help the vacuum cleaner receive data in real time from the 12 sensors performing different functions which it features. The sensors include Lase Distance Sensor, an ultrasonic radar sensor, wall sensor, and cliff sensor etc. Of the lot, the Laser Distance Sensor provides a 360-degrees scanning (1800 times/second) similar to what you will find on a self-driving car. The device packs a 5200mAh Li-ion built-in battery supplied by LG and Panasonic which is capable of delivering up to 2.5 hour cleaning time from a single charge. The smart gadget is programmed to work with the Mi Home App, allowing owners to set cleaning schedules, modify cleaning modes, and monitor cleaning process in real-time. In addition, owners can be able to it to clean the house right after you leave the house or before your arrival in case you are bringing home guests and your pet may have messed up the house.

Meanwhile, you can watch the video here.

mi vacuum 2



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