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Meizu M6 Note vs Xiaomi Mi 5X Camera Comparison (Samples): Things Get Interesting

by Joe 9

The Meizu M6 Note comes out as one of the best mid-rangers in the market, at least on paper. The camera is where things get really interesting, thanks to Meizu’s partnership with ArcSoft and the dual camera setup promising some great results. So, we decided to pit the Meizu M6 Note vs Xiaomi Mi 5X and compare how both fared in a camera comparison.

meizu m6 note vs mi 5x

The Meizu M6 Note generally takes warmer pictures as opposed to Mi 5X’s cooler shade. The colors come out really well in the pictures from the M6 Note, but the whites look better on the Xiaomi model. That being said, in most of the daylight pictures, the M6 Note impressed us with details and colors. The colors in many of the Mi 5X samples were washed out, especially under direct sunlight.

As for the background blur effect, both manage to track objects clearly, but Meizu’s bokeh pictures seem to come out better, with a better focus on the object in the front and a stronger blurred background.

Low light images were really interesting. While the M6 Note was a bit brighter when it came to night time shots, the noise in the samples was significant. Most of the night samples were filled with a lot of noise in the dark areas, which rendered the picture unusable. In comparison, Xiaomi Mi 5X managed to keep noise to a bare minimum. It’s really disappointing to see such levels of noise in the low-light images as otherwise, the M6 Note’s camera would have been one of the best in this segment. Let’s hope this is something that can be fixed with software.

You can check out all of the Meizu M6 Note vs Xiaomi Mi 5X samples down below.

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  • vijay sud

    Meizu has a winner in its M6 Note, but unfortunately, Meizu has no capacity to put in to market in large enough numbers. Sadly a sign of a Company in decline. If you don’t produce, u don’t sell, and if u don’t sell large numbers, there is no profit. Q.E.D.

    • Meizu phones are available on most online shop, the M6 Note is also available on Giztop. 🙂

      • princetom

        Most online stores? U might wanna be sure with ur comment. Check again

        • Definitely not most online stores, you’re right there, but they are listed at a number or places which are hard to find on your own.
          Google will be your friend. I found it available on 12 sites on the first page.

      • Please share Giztop on Kimovil. They drive a lot of traffic and would definitely help in getting some sales numbers up.

  • Alejandro Rodriguez

    Can someone say, how many seconds in maximum exposure?

  • Here is the buy link on Giztop:

    • Ionut Johnny

      I’m interested in the One Piece, special edition, do you know aprox. when you will have in stock?

  • AbdulB1

    Meizu’s flyme is sh** due to its button layout.