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A Future Redmi Phone Will Launch With An 18:9 Display

by Habeeb Onawole 7

The major trend this year has been smartphones with 18:9 displays. First made popular by the LG G6 and Samsung Galaxy S8 (18.5:9), the last few months have seen some entry level and mid-range smartphones with the same display come out of China.

Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 Sporting An 18:9 Display
Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 Sporting An 18:9 Display

While the mid-range smartphones with full screen displays like the Vivo X20 and X20 Plus are priced high, a large number of the entry-level ones in the market are clones. And since none of the big names have released an affordable phone with a full-screen display, those who can’t afford the pricier ones have to wait. But they may not have to wait for long as there is a rumor that a future Redmi phone will have an 18:9 screen. Before we dive into the details, let’s brief you on what led to the reveal.

The Xiaomi MIX 2 is actually the second Xiaomi phone with a bezel-less design. Initially, the display was said to have been supplied by LG, but it has been discovered that some screens are from JDI too. A Weibo user had mentioned that some displays are from Tianma, a China-based maker, but popular analyst, Pan Jiutang said the Mi MIX 2 doesn’t have and will not use a display from Tianma.

However, a representative of the domestic screen manufacturer revealed that the company is making 18:9 displays which is expected to appear in a new generation Redmi phone. The Redmi phone is still unspecified but the guess is it’s probably the Redmi Note 5 or at most the Redmi Note 6.

Xiaomi has announced the Redmi Note 5A and may soon announce the Redmi 5 Plus (and Redmi 5). The Redmi Note 5 may be released much later so as to get supply for the new 18:9 displays.




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  • NextHype

    Why 18:9 ? I don’t get it… what’s the advantage of having a narrower screen ?
    16:9 was great, then tablets are going back to 4:3 while smartphones are getting 18:9 screens.

    • mopsert

      Agree! I like the ZUK Edge with the narrow top bezel and chin and 16:9 display ratio way more than all the phones with 2:1 display ratio.

      Also, why the term 18:9? Isn’t it 2:1?
      Like mentioned above, we didn’t go and call 4:3 displays 12:9, just because people got used to the 16:9 term. Are we so lazy or stupid to cancel down fractions anymore?!?

      • balcobomber25

        18:9 and 2:1 is the same thing. The reason companies like LG and Samsung chose to use 18:9 instead is purely marketing. Customers are used to seeing 16:9 for displays. Make’s it easier for comparison purposes.

        Also I agree, I love the Zuk Edge looks.

        • mopsert

          Exactly! Hence my example with the term 12:9 for 4:3 aspect ratio displays. I just think it is stupid! I will call the displays 2:1 display. If people are not able to multiply 2 by 9, I am sorry…

  • balcobomber25

    Could be the next phone in the Redmi Pro series.

    • Shashank

      i dont think so Redmi Pro Series will come alive it was flop and Xiaomi end it, they alreadt brought Mi 5X insted of Redmi Pro 2

      • balcobomber25

        The 5x was created almost exclusively for offline sales for Xiaomi to compete with OPPO. OPPO is also the reason that Mi Note 3 is a super midrange phone now instead of a flagship.