iPhone 8 Plus Swollen Batteries Reports To Be Investigated

by Habeeb Onawole 0

Last week there were two reports on the internet of the iPhone 8 Plus having swollen batteries. One report from Taiwan said the battery became swollen during charging with the official charger and cable. The second report from Japan said the phone arrived from Apple with the battery swollen and had even popped the screen out of its position.

iPhone 8 Plus battery

Apple says it will investigate the cases of the swollen batteries, so as to determine what caused them. Carrying out an investigation is said to be Apple’s routine for cases like this even for older models.

Should potential buyers stay off buying the iPhone 8 Plus for now? We can’t say as these are just two units and sources say it is within the normal failure rate for lithium-ion batteries. Unless it becomes a big deal like the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 should customers begin to worry.

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At the end of the investigation, these customers will definitely be provided with replacement units that’s if they haven’t even gotten them by now.

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