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Samsung SM-W2018 Flip Flagship Phone To Arrive in November

by Habeeb Onawole 5

Samsung is one of the few companies that still makes flip phones. This year, it launched the SM-G9298 flip phone in China, but another one called the SM-W2018 is rumored to launch in November. The clam-shell phones are sort of a China exclusive and reports say the W2018 will be available on China Unicom.

Samsung SM-G9298

The SM-W2018 will sport dual 4.2-inch FHD displays. Sammobile says it will have a Snapdragon 835 processor but there are reports of it coming with a Snapdragon 821 SoC too. RAM is 4GB and storage is 64GB.

For the cameras, the SM-W2018 will have a 12MP rear camera and a 5MP front facing camera. Battery capacity is put at 2300mAh. However, the W2018 is rumored to have a price tag as high as $2000 when it launches.

If you still want a flip phone but you are not willing to shell out so much, the VKWorld T2 Plus billed to launch this month is a better alternative. It will have dual 4.2-inch screens too but won’t have FHD resolutions. It’s frame is also said to be made of titanium.

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There will be two models available and price for the base model is put at under $200. While we don’t know the price of the high-end model, it sure as hell shouldn’t cost more than $500.

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  • NextHype

    I don’t get why flip phones are still popular in Asia. I seen ’em everywhere in Japan and Korea… but no one has any of those in Europe.

    • mister unknown

      Its a shame they’re not popular in Europe. They are by far safer to handle due to design. I remember back in the days when Sharp used to release amazing flip phones.

      • NextHype

        Dunno if it’s safer to handle because you have to flip em open every time you use em and that’s a move that can cause a fall.

        BTW I can’t imagine using a 5.5″ flip phone, it would be too big for my pocket, and having a physical keyboard feels useless.

        But you can’t argue on user preference ^^

        • Samuel

          And then people go and buy flip cases…

          BTW, I never had one of the flip phones unlock the screen and dial random people.

          • mister unknown

            Hahah. That’s happens way too often, but i can see where Hype is coming from. I think if they would be very thin i wouldn’t mind a flip phone