The New Honor 7X Gets A Teardown Treatment

by Habeeb Onawole 0

Last week, the  Honor 7X was released to succeed the year-old Honor 6X. The new phone comes with a bunch of new features while still keeping some of the favorites from last year’s model.

Honor 7X

Like we have seen for most major phones, someone got is hand on a unit and decided to a do a teardown for those who may be curious to see the innards of this full-screen mid-ranger.

To open up the Honor 7X, you will need a Philips screwdriver, tweezers, and a prying tool. The phone has a metal unibody held to the internal frame by screws on opposite sides of the USB port. But before you unscrew them, remember to remove the SIM tray first.

After removing the screws, use a prying tool to lift the front panel and separate it from the back of the phone. Be careful while doing so as there is a cable connecting the fingerprint scanner to it. You will have to remove a few more screws before you can detach the cable from the fingerprint scanner.

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From thereon, the rest is easy. Undo more screws and using the tweezers, you should have access to the motherboard, front facing camera, and dual rear cameras.

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