Tesla Launches PowerBank And Desktop Supercharger Priced At $45

by Jeet 1

Tesla — the US-based company known for its electric cars, has now launched a portable mobile phone charger that can be used to charge Android as well as Apple devices on-the-go.

The Tesla PowerBank packs a single 18,650 cell with a 3,350 mAh capacity. With such capacity, the device can charge an Android smartphone just once, or maybe less in some cases. The output rate of the device is 5V/1.5A and only offers USB, microUSB, and Apple Lightning charging cables. There is no USB Type-C port support, which is becoming the industry standard.

Tesla PowerBank

The lithium-ion cell inside the portable charger is the same type of cell that is packed among thousands of others inside the company’s Model S and Model X’s battery packs.

While the internals of the power bank are not impressive, the design of the device is quite impressive and will definitely excite die-hard Tesla fans. The PowerBank seems to have been inspired by Tesla’s supercharger monument at the Tesla Design Studio in California.

Priced at $45, there are better alternatives out there which offers much more feature and more charge cycles for smartphones. Currently, it is listed as sold out on the company’s website.

Tesla Desktop Supercharger

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Along with the PowerBank, Tesla has also launched a Desktop Supercharger for the same price. Design wise, it looks just like a mini charging station that charges your phone. As per the company, it has used the same 3D CAD data used to make the actual Supercharger to make the minaturized replica.

A few days ago, Tesla showed off its upcoming truck, called the Tesla Semi which can travel 800 kilometers on a single electric charge while pulling a full load of 36,000 kilograms. Surprisingly, the company also launched the second-generation Roadster, a new version of the first car the company made.